Monday, September 06, 2004

Through my reading of African Civilizations, I have learned an important lesson- if they don't attribute an invention to any culture, an African probably did it. For example, who domesticated cotton and cattle? It sure wasn't a European. Although, it's not like I'm a perfectly educated person- I didn't associate all those hand axes,etc by early humans with Africa, despite my knowledge of the African origins of humans. However, I don't go around shouting about how stupid I am, and actually do attempt to read a book once in a while.

Also, I hope the quote on this page by that scumbag Delay is false. "All spots taken by blacks, hispanics' I guess the whiny white dude tantrums did predate the 1980s... To clarify, whiny white dude tantrum usually involves a white guy being a waste of space and blaming minorities for their failures in life. I mean really, I'm not a huge success, but do you see me blaming Hispanics for it? I'm doing ok- I'm in college, not getting all Fs, and I do have my own business after a fashion, but you wouldn't mistake me for one of the countries' most successful people.

I wouldn't mind so much if they didn't give us all that rhetoric about the hard work we supposedly aren't doing, but to talk a big game about hard work, and then complain that they aren't just handed spots but now have to compete against people of other races is too much. I mean, if it's really so hard and bad, why don't they do what they say we should do against actual obstacles, and pull themselves up by the bootstraps? Oh, it's not that easy when you're the one who has to work? Oooooh well. You made your bed of shit, you lie in it.

Also, I saw this really awesome spray paint art, which used a stencil, around on some poles and sidewalks when I was walking to the store. The form of George W. Bush was recognizable, and the words "one term president" were underneath him. I thought it was great.

In more news, I feel much better about my extensive need for reference to draw anything but blobs after reading Howard Cruse's story. Of course, some panels of my comic are drawn unreferenced, and look like crap.

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