Wednesday, September 08, 2004

This guy has a good start, but I'd like to talk about it some more. I find it funny that when blacks are pro life in deed, not just word, they get flack for it. It's easy to be pro life when you can just slip your daughter some abortion money, and then pretend to be pious the next day, but taking care of a human being for its life, that's a hard part. Also, the part where he references Bill Cosby is another reason the Republican party doesn't play big- it's not like whites are some perfect race, but they never get called out, even if some of their youth are blowing themselves up in meth labs(everyone of all races- don't do meth! It'll fuck you up.)

Also, if they made an unwavering commitment to end discrimination, they'd lose the white vote, not the far right vote, as this guy optimistically intones at the end. Whites bitch if there's even a rudimentary attempt for justice, let alone a full out commitment. Of course, the leaders could bite the bullet, and say "Hey, we had our fun. But it's time to grow up now". But they are politicians and they have no dick nearly by definition.

A good way to spend as much money treating drug addicts as incarcerating them is to decriminalize a lot of this mess in the first place. We don't need to have folks thrown in jail over some stupid stuff, especially when other people get to do stupid stuff, and they don't care. Also, with the improvement of education for blacks, that would be programs like Headstart, and suchlike, which would alienate the people who think that that stuff is 'handouts', and that you can fix all school problems by calling the kid stupid.

So this guy has a lot of good ideas, but too bad they'll never be implemented, or whites will whine about 'special rights', as if justice is a special right or something.

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