Saturday, September 11, 2004

I have 666 songs on itunes. Here are some interesting articles from a native american standpoint. These of course all have different viewpoints, and I'd encourage you to read all of them, but the thread that ties them all together is the idea that white behavior towards native people has been pathological. It's pretty hard to deny that. And it's really hard to deny that white folk ain't even acting sorry. Actually, I didn't have anything good to add, but I thought that these articles were interesting.

So I'll talk about boring things about my life that you don't care about. Yesterday I went to an awesome art shindig. I saw great art, great bands, got some great cds, and learned a lot of stuff, such as what linoleum printing is, and how you do it, and the wonders that photoshop can work on your photos. College is great!

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