Tuesday, September 07, 2004

It's nice to wake up at 10:40, so I can get another blog post in, and then read more Kodocha. But before this, you may wonder why I am so pissed off about racism in my posts. I think one element of it is when whites act like their hurt feelings should be a priority over our lives. Like they act like black 'racism' is the same as white racism and that they should be treated the same. When blacks are 'racist', they usually do stuff like say "man, I hate crackers'. This might hurt a white person's feelings, so one should probably not go around saying that, but it's a whole different ballpark than being the one last hired and first fired. There's a huge difference between 'that's not nice' to actual social problems.

And I really resent it, when people act like it's an imposition even merely to be nice. I'm drawing a comic now, and in the scene I was supposed to draw today, I have a newspaper in hand, and the headline is going to read "Professors say that President's suggestion of 'why can't we all get along' threatens academic freedom'. The back story is this- prof says the n word, president of U says- that's not right, apologize, and remember to be nice. Of course, I would have preferred a stronger response, but what can you do? But people acted like that was a significant curtailment of academic freedom. Like maaaybe they'd have to go to sensitivity training. I'm sorry, but if you as University professors don't know how to act, you should be glad before you go and embarrass everyone with your moronic speech.

Anyway, although it's a mystery, it really puts my panties in a twist. I didn't ask to be anyone's sacrifice, but it seems that certain people are just 'expendable', because they were born the wrong color. That reminds me of someone who was talking about teen pregnancy, and said that the solution was to treat no one as a nobody, and I think this may be one of those things. I mean seriously, if everyone always acts like they can't bother to educate you, to talk nice to you, to see you as a human and not a threat, not everyone is going to be like the hero in a Rocky movie- some folks are going to act out.

Like it's easy for me to say that all the poor ghetto kids should just you know, ignore all the bad things and think about the good stuff. It's not like people I know are being shot dead or hauled off to jail and brutalized. The people I know get decent food, and mostly go to the same really rich ass university that I go to. So it'd be easy for me to say that just because I live a charmed life that everyone does. But it's important to realize that your life is not the only life, and that it truly could be you very easily. Sure, I got lucky parents, but not everyone has good luck and an easy start in life.

Instead of saying that other people are bad for not having it as good as I do, it's better to be thankful for what you do have, and to properly thank the people who suffer so that you can live how you do. The American lifestyle causes much suffering around the world, and while we can oppose it, it's not like suddenly you buy American made clothes and local farm produce farmed by non migrants, and you're suddenly not a cause of suffering in this world. I'm still at a confusing place- I'm groping for who I want to be, and what I want to do.

So I'm not in a nice place. I'm not in a pretty place. I'm not in a place of good humor. Sure, I like watching cartoons and talking about full penetration as much as anyone, and I have spent slightly more time trying to bother this boy than worrying about weighty things, but for the most part, I'm not in that stage of life where I am happy with injustice.

It'll probably take me a long time to talk about race issues without being pissed off. One day I'll tell you the story of my lack of religion formulation, but it took me about 4 or 5 years before I was completely set on it. My lack of religion? I'm an atheist, but I'm pretty cool about it. Yea, there's stuff I don't know about, but that makes talking about it even more dangerous and weird.

On another completely unrelated tangent, what's with Read or Die TV and the camera angles? WTF?

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