Monday, September 27, 2004

I went to anime weekend atlanta this weekend. I saw SuperGals! which was pretty funny, and Kino's Journey which was too pretenious for me. I went to the Elegant Gothic Lolita panel, and I learned a lot about the style. I also got one of those headdresses in the artists' alley, although it's purple with a dragonfly and won't match anything and was really expensive. But I think it's the dragonfly that won me over. Interestingly enough, the offical Fruits Basket hats(I got a Yuki one) were cheaper than the ones sold at artists' alley. I didn't even know that they had offical ones til I checked the tag on the back. I got the last three volumes of Maison Ikkoku, too. It was pretty fun.

Also, I have another note- when people say the government doesn't have enough money for something- they mean 'fuck those people'. That's why the government has plenty of money for killing people- but none for families and the community. I mean- the families and communties of people who 'don't matter'. They can waste tons of money on abstience only- but nothing for effective sex ed. They have plenty for wining and dining the bureacrats, but nothing for some fucking head start, affordable housing, or anything else that might actually help people.

One of my pet peeves is the way that sort of thing is often sold(this article is pretty interesting, although doesn't talk about the racial issues and such. Sure, white people shouldn't be racist, but if they are going to be racist, they should recognize that that's a bad thing, and not act on it. Sure, the politicans go around spinning tales of lazy ass welfare queens who are stealing all our money, but we don't have to take them at their word. The fact they want to believe so much is really pissing me off. If you have a bad life, well, we didn't sign up to be your whipping boys. You don't study? Well, you can't get into college, dipshit. Don't blame affrimative action. You don't have a mansion but childern are not starving to death? Well, fuck you. Kill yourself if you lack compassion. If you believe racist lies, I blame you for believing them. Take responsibilty- it's not just for poor folk or black folk.

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