Tuesday, September 28, 2004

To console myself for failing my infancy test today, I was looking at gothic lolita clothing. I will probably buy this when I get a bit more money- $20 is a good price. I nearly had a really cute black skirt for cheap on ebay, but I was totally spacy(I've been like this all day- I nearly fell asleep twice during my infancy test) and lost it. Well, something cute is going to come up. Also, I found this sock shop with all kinds of socks, which makes me happy. When it gets colder, I'll buy some socks. The section linked has my dream ruffle socks. Somehow dressing up like a girl makes me feel more relaxed. I'm glad no one hassles me over it. Then again, a (biological) woman who has frill fantasies probably doesn't seem too odd to many.

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