Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A weird note about anime- I am annoyed when people assume that Americans get all the good stuff, and all the other anime not released is crap. I think anime released in the US is what they will think will be marketable, not what is good. Of course, I've been an anime fan for years, back when there were no Miyazaki movies out on DVD and the best you could hope for in shoujo was dubbed Sailor Moon, so I'm able to understand that not all the best anime is out in the US. Also, there's not a universal best anime, oftentimes. For example, I adore Onii-sama E a.k.a. Brother, dear Brother. I love its' melodrama and style. But others may hate melodrama, and like giant robots instead, and so their best anime may be different from mine.

Also, Moveon.org wants you to give them money for their slick advertisement, saying that one of Bush's ads is false. It looks very compelling, very well made. Good job. I'll certainly pay a bit of money to get that on the air.

This post got me thinking on my worldview. I believe that people have a large tendency for evil, and a somewhat smaller tendency for good. The evil tendency can be triggered by a bad environment. While people have a good deal of control over their evil tendencies, a bad environment can tip them from neutral or good into evil. So that's why you'll see me freaking out over racism- I think that racism can make a overall decent person act like a jackass for no reason, and that is totally freaky to me.

In other news, I think I hate ponchos already. However they decide on what clothing to push, they've decided on ponchos.
I first became cognizant of this fake ass 'trend' is when crappy ol' Steinmart tried to send us shitty sales advertisement touting ponchos as a 'must have' for fall. Ponchos? I know they are really scrapping the bottom for fashion, but ponchos? I know whoever is in charge of designing clothes to push to magazines and TV probably doesn't think of how the design will be seen in the cheap and gaudies- I'm not talking down on cheap stores like Holiday's and TJMaXX or Target and even the dreaded Wal Mart, I wear plenty of cheap clothes myself. It's just that some styles can not really take the transition from expensive designer wear to cheap fashion clothes.

When a clothing style first comes out, it comes out in the big expensive stores. This version has all the bells and whistles- it has fancy trim, maybe better construction, fabric, and cut. But this version is not the version that most will be wearing. Ponchos are ugly in the first place, and while a few bells and whistles can make them almost acceptable, the shapeless ugly ones everyone will end up with will be totally ugly. It'll be even worse when they get into plus sizes- apparently if you don't fit a certain body paradigm, you should just wear a burlap sack and get it over with.

Although more about cheap and gaudies- I like thrift shops better- you can get good quality clothes for cheap. I should find more avenues for used clothing, and try more online boutiques.

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