Monday, August 09, 2004

It's time for more bookslut, and more black commentator, with a best of issue to cover a hiatus. Also, for me to take up more blog space with my obsession with Utena. I am unable to do more than one thing at once. I have to blaze wildly at one thing and then be impotent ash for a while, and then get back up and blaze. It seems impossible for me to balance myself- I have to be gung ho 100% or totally lazy, kick back 0%. Anything in between and nothing good will come out of it. I have become weak, and am on the down part of my cycle.

And, Utena(possible spoilers after this point) is a good thing to absorb in downtime. There are so many fascinating questions- just how did Anthy know that Utena was going to just rush in, and be like "Poor innocent girl being slapped around! I must save her!" Maybe before the series opened she was observing her, and seeing her weaknesses? I don't know.

The student council arc seems to be much more interesting when you look at it with the perspective of "hey, maybe Anthy's not such an innocent victim after all". However, one thing I enjoy is that while Anthy may be manipulating events, there is still a bit of sympathy for her as far as the fact that she sacrificed herself for Dios, and now Akio comes back totally uses and abuses her- and the only one who is like you brought it on yourself is Akio, who is totally into his games and is depicted as a villain anyway.

It's one of those complicated everyone has part of the blame things that we have trouble with lately.

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