Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spoilers for Fire Logic [note: I'm amused by the reviews that act like all the homosex is a reason to mark the book down. We have people using what is essentially magic, and what's unrealistic is a bunch of gay people, yea right] and Earth Logic Possible.

"When Clement looked at the silent warrior, she looked into the other face of Shaftal:unbowed, unforgiving. Every attempt to overcome the people had not only increased their resentment, but also their ability to resist. Clement's acts, and the actions of all the soldiers like her, had created this unrelenting enemy and all the enemies like her. With a great deal of effort, they could be killed, but they could not be eliminated." - Earth Logic, Laurie Marks, p. 387

"Every stupidity of the last thrity-five years had come from the Sainnites' unwillingness and inability to change. Certainly, they had not been welcomed, permitted or encouraged to belong in Shaftal. But neither had they tried to be anything other than conquerers. To attempt it now might be so difficult it verged on the impossible, and it might take the rest of Clement's life to achieve. But wasn't her only other option to take Cadmar's well trodden road, a coward's way of self-induced oblivion and obstinacy to delude her people with visions of heroism as she marched them to destruction?"
-Earth Logic, p. 388

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