Monday, October 01, 2007

received in my email box:

As most of you are aware, our campus community is
mourning the loss of Taylor Bradford, a University of Memphis student and member of the Tiger football team, whose tragic death occurred last evening. The incident happened at approximately 9:45 PM Sunday night near the Carpenter Complex, a residence hall located on Central Avenue near the northeast corner of campus.

Police were called to investigate an automobile wreck at Zach Curlin Street and, upon arriving on the scene discovered Mr. Bradford had been shot. University Director of Police Services, Bruce Harber, working with Memphis Police Department officers, closed all campus residence halls as a precaution, but quickly determined that the campus was not in imminent danger as witnesses reported that the suspects had fled the scene. Residents were permitted to leave if they chose to do so, but no one was allowed to enter the residence halls unless they were listed as residents.

Classes were cancelled for the day, to assist the police in their investigation and to insure the well-being of our students. All advisors and counselors are on hand today to assist any student who is grieving. They may call (901) 678-2068.

While suspect information cannot be released at this time, the initial investigation indicates this was an act directed specifically toward the victim and was not a random act of violence. If anyone has information about this tragedy, please call 901-678-4357 immediately.

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Taylor Bradford.

The Memphis Police Department has scheduled a press conference for 3:30 (CST) today. More information may be available at the time. Please check your local news stations or visit our Web site this afternoon as it will contain the statement from the MPD.

We urge all faculty, staff and students to sign up for our TigerText emergency alert system. You may do this at

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