Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Goons react to the cake incident.

So do random people at Pandagon.
I don't get people who need to make up outrageous reasons why the guard might have broken a child's wrist. Bad judgment or poor training is not as rare as some believe it to be. I think it's even more important to learn how to use good judgment if you're a security guard, not less. Now a regular guy in the street breaking someone's wrist and calling them racial terms may just get an assault charge, but this guy will probably lose his job because of his lack of judgment. That's heavy stuff, and something folks should think about the next time they are tempted to use physical force with minors.

Another issue is that I think that security guards need to know more about the developmental issues of children. A young girl who does not comply with orders is not in fact the same as a hardened adult criminal seeking to do you bodily harm. Understanding the difference between different situations is a must!

Even a few freepers aren't impressed with this guard.

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