Thursday, October 04, 2007

Don't judge people for sleeping with D&D players if you've slept with your sister

No sleep rape,plz. I'm not saying she can't go around saying that being f*cked in her sleep is a perfectly fine and happy thing to do, but I'm certainly not convinced. But hey! it's your right to have a crappy marriage and a crappy life because we're oh so mean! *is irrationally irritable today* Ok, ok, now I feel bad for saying that.

Also, I often wish people would dump their guy... After the 400000th time that he has yelled at you, made you feel like crap, sat around doing nothing while you slave away, etc, I want to yell I THINK YOUR HUSBAND IS A DICK. DON'T LET HIM TALK TO YOU LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN, OR I'LL KICK HIS ASS.

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