Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mean shannon is all singing that girl's got self esteem! She's the kind of girl you read about in feminist magazines! But seriously, don't have casual sex with internet dudes if you're not the type who is only into satisfying the urges of the body. But we should not judge this woman so harshly. I don't think the guy is an innocent victim here. He knew full well that often folks will want more than just casual sex, not to mention that even with a condom, there is still a danger of pregnancy. I mean folks are acting like it's ONLY the woman's fault when it in fact takes two to tango. Also, what's with the omg, you suck so much! I'd let [dude] fuck me and throw me away anytime! chicks?

People are nicer on stupidfreedrama. Some fail on the main stupid free. note: megan julca did not in fact have the sanctity of her body violated by the gross mengus.

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