Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dad wastes all of his time wanking to porn and having fun. Mom is called entitle bitch. I have a picture of my mom being an entitle bitch. Ok, she's not in the picture. I'm a small child, and I am dressed in some horrible pink crap and chewing on god knows what. My dad is staring at me, ready to dive in, to rescue me from the horror of what ever the crap I am chewing on. He should have just ignored me- I mean, dads can't parent!

Note: you all should find a way to somehow say something nice to brownfemi.
Also, awful prison like environments do not motivate students. ...man, a child actually bit another child where I am 'helping' and one of the kids merely had to sit down for at least ten minutes. Arresting people for dropping cake! And breaking their wrists! And calling them nappy head! How can you feel safe or learn at all when people are breaking students' wrists?! Let's all write angry letters so they don't do things that are wrong again!!

This episode seems sort of weird with the whole people of color=throwbacks to ancient ancestors thing!! Although, other scientists are shown saying this is bunk, but that sort of thing always bothers me.

Also, I think ethanol is not the cure all they say it is. It has been said to raise the price of corn and soybeans, and also, Brazillian cane cutters seem to be working in slavery style conditions.

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