Friday, October 05, 2007

Now that the Memphis mayor race is decided, I've got rants! Butthurt white people are now whining. I'll pick up my ball and go home!!! WAAAH!!! The mayor was meaaaaaaaan! Now, I voted for Morris, but I am still going to work hard to improve things without whining. Also, what a bunch of wussies on the comments here. Now, I personally *might* vote for a white person as mayor, but they have to try to appeal to me, and to win, they must try to appeal to black voters as a whole. For example, if you want to bring down crime, you can't just say I'M GOING TO LOCK UP ALL THE GANG MEMBERS. That shows that you are ignorant. Now, I'm not one of those black people who are like "race doesn't matter! Let's bake a cake out of butterflies!" I'm just saying that whites aren't automatically out of the running for my votes unless they put themselves out of the running.

Not to mention, what's with the folks being like OMG, POOR PEOPLE VOTED!! Black poor people will vote as is their right. I agree with the folks saying you can't blame everything on the mayor. The mayor is one guy, albeit a powerful one. Even if we had the worst mayor in the world, we have a million other people who can help improve the city. We need to stop bellyaching , and start doing. It's not the mayor's city. It's OUR city, and we need to start helping.

Also, editorial against the president's SCHIP veto.

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