Saturday, October 06, 2007

First page, feminism is about chooooooices whining. *cries in her beer for all those who have thousands of extra dollars for plastic surgery, and yet, can only make their political decisions based on who approves of their choices* My brain is stupid so I don't see how getting plastic surgery is going to keep employers from discriminating against you for having children.
Also, a snapshot of the office mechanisms that have white males getting more money than the rest of us.

How 'fair and balanced' reporting helps ingrain racism. Hehehe, "my mama who raised me was black and..' WHITE" Also from AP Racism- Paul Krugman on Southern Whites.

The 200$ laptop?
A good idea. Throw in some clean water and vaccines, and I'll call it a deal.

I aggregate, you decide! Link blogging rocks because it gets information around in an efficient manner.

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