Sunday, October 21, 2007

I say us women of color are the most vital parts of the feminist movement!

Also, a link industrial complex from Zuky. About the Cos, I get sick and tired of folks ignoring the great work that black people are doing. The constant attacks on a few folks overshadows the whole rest of us. Why not instead of yelling at folks to use 'proper' English and pull their pants up, praise and build up folks who are trying to do right? Wouldn't it be nice if Bill Cosby got on Oprah and praised newly minted black PhDs? What about black feminists who are fighting rape and violence in their communities? Wouldn't that be nice? What about informing folks about the fact that folks can write great literature in dialects and in standard English? What about broadening the dialog?

I agree with this guy about there not being just one black America, which is why I laugh at Cosby. When I talk to black folks, I talk to graduate students, college students, workers, married people, churchgoers, feminists, activists, parents,lovers and friends. I don't talk to undifferentiated masses of failure. Folks do mess up, they aren't perfect, but white folks also are messing up. They just don't have folks to come on TV and blame them for the sinking of the Titanic.

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