Friday, October 05, 2007

Pam...white folks need to grow up. If they want to go around doing horrible and mean things to people, they need to expect that other people will be angry about it. They need to either stop doing horrible things or stop bitching if people get mad at them for being douchebags. You can't have both.
[start uninformed commentary]
Also, there's minor transwank. But I don't get why anyone would think transfolk would as a body be any more enlightened than anyone else. We don't know yet what causes some folks to be trangendered, but there seems to have been a stable population of transfolk for a long time, and super psych folks are unable to change transfolks into cisfolks, so maybe it's biological or something. Who knows?
[end uninformed commentary]

People are actually doing their assignments.
which I am sooooooo not.

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