Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Us casual gamers get no respect. ;_; My gaming time line

age 4-8- Mario, duck hunt, a little Zelda.
Causalness level- Unknown. I was a little kid at the time.
consoles: nes

8-12- Final fantasy all the way! Lots more Zelda
Casualness level- Hardcore!
consoles: starting to have a snes,gameboy

12-18- Final fantasy- square enix is looooove!!! Must play RPGs... some diablo. Introduced to Civilization, love sim city and theme park.
casualness level: super hardcore
consoles: PC, SNES, Playstation
18-22- Harvest Moon, Civilization 3 and 4, some poor smash brothers playing in groups
casualness level-Barely hardcore. Schoolwork taking over life..
Consoles: PC, PS2
23-present- era of casual games- favorites- fairy godmother tycoon, chocolitier, diner dash. Love for Harvest Moon, Yoshi DS and Cooking Mama remain strong.
casualness level: Casual. Grad school eating time up, general apathy
consoles: pc, ds, ps2.

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