Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How much time it'd take me to be a 'good person', in time it'd take me to do it, not you, thanks.-

Broken down per week.

work full time- add thirty hours.

Organize my clothes by color- maybe 20 minutes per day- so 140 minutes.

Pair my socks- 10 minutes per day- 70 minutes.

Do laundry- 2 hours per week

Fold clothes and towels- 30 minutes per day- 210 minutes.

Put away clothes- 20 minutes per day- 140 minutes.

Wash the baseboards once a week- 30 minutes.

Sweep and mop the floor every day- 30 minutes per day- 210 minutes

wear makeup- 15 minutes per day- 105 minutes

Organize my shoes- 10 minutes per day- 70 minutes

Organize my books- 15 minutes- 105 minutes

so an extra 50 hours per week. And actually, I got tired of writing down these extra tasks, so it may be more. 20 hours just on housework, with one stupid girl thing added, although I might add up all the minutes that girl things would take up. School isn't included.

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