Friday, March 14, 2008

Best etsy comment ever:

RuthiesGirlDesigns says:
I don't know your race, muddyhorse, so please take this with the utmost respect: If you are not black, please do not stand and represent yourself to know what the African American population sees the confederate flag as. Many of us see it in many differerent ways. Much respect to you with that comment, seriously.

As part of the "africaan american" population, I do not see that flag as you describe, muddyhorse. I merely see it as a sign ot bigotry, ignorance, and hate.

I don't even think of slavery when I see that flag. All I see is someone who's a bigot, and proud of it.

Matter of fact, you really want to know what I think of when I see that flag? I see a fellow black citizen stripped of his rights, his dignity and his life as he swings from the neck after he's been beaten, humilated and hung from a tree. I see images of folks, even children having picnics and smiling at the "nigger" who's neck is stretched and whose face is in a permanent distortion of fear. I see how meaningless a black person's life is to someone who flies that flag. I see utter lack of respect not only for the black race, but for the one flag of this United States.

And most importantly, I pull my child close to me because I am afraid.

That's what I see.

I don't care if I get on the etsy blacklist, I looove this comment.

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