Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some random guy on the comments on this news story informs us a)that all latinos are mexicans b)they only voted for Hilliary because they hate blacks.

Also, a pretty good comment here. Stupid people: they are part of society too.

I watched the news hour, and was PO'ed that Eliot Spritzer has 80,000 to spend on prostitution! Also, I think they need to prosecute johns. Now the workers, they can say , I needed the money, I'm addicted to drugs, but what is the john's excuse? He can use his right hand.

Also on this thread, we'll learn if you don't like prostitution, you hate the poor, and women, and of course, sex. The odd thing is that saying that someone is a prude is supposed to shut them up. I say let's all reclaim being a prude. Yea, I choose what sort of sex I want to engage in. Not the media, not porn, not what random college boys think is the trend in sex today. Me. My sexuality ain't public property, where you get to choose what I should agree with, and I should like. Yea, I don't like two girls, one cup. Whatcha going to do? Choking and face fucking? Now that's right out! Oooh, women are choosing boundaries for themselves, whatcha going to do?

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