Friday, March 07, 2008

Society Approved Toxic People. On lists of toxic people, we are often are told to avoid whiners like the plague[despite all of psychology noting that social support is vital to mental health- suffering through a situation alone is not condusive to mental health] but there are plenty of people who need to be added to the list:

the advice giver- they always have a simple and wrong answer for everything. They wonder why 78 year olds don't get three jobs to pay for their cancer meds. And they want their advice followed ASAP!

miss picky- Always critical, miss picky is always there to remind you of your shortcomings. Whether you're a millimeter over the line while parking, you have a typo in a personal email or you don't match your socks in the drawer, miss picky will find a way to make you feel like crap about it.

The poz bot- This person has as a requirement of their life that everyone be 'postive' all the time because bad thoughts could cause bad things to happen!! The only negative affect allowed is complaining that other people complain too much.

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