Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The term priority troll has been invented. We can now build the smack the troll with a bag of cocks improvement in our cities.

One thing I like about radical feminism is that I get to say stuff that is really obvious! Like this post is all like "if being half naked gives you power, how come big CEOs don't do it?" I get to ask the questions that are taboo, like why do most women not choose to shave off their arm hair? Why are there so many female identified submissives? Why do A cup bras have underwire on them? I want to know.

Also, I did feel suspicious of that womanspace chracter, because Heart always signs her posts, and plus, Heart's vibe is very distinctive. So I felt suspcious. I hope this isn't like those folks who pretended to be JackGoff a while back? Or did I mix it up?

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