Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm putting this post by ginmar here as a bookmark so I'll remember to post a wank report.

Reading the first few words of this post makes me not want to read the comments. Piny posts on transpeople. I'm going to talk about something else that has little to do with transpeople, although I agree with the lady who wanted a trans 101 website. We all have rude and offensive questions, such as "so do you want to buy a big TV now?" or "so what was it like, having your girlhood so late?" but if we all said stupid things all the time, the smart people would never have any time to say anything smart.

Also, piny on gender. Instead of writing a brillant treatise on gender, I think I'm going to use irrelevant personal anecdotes. I'm androgynous on the inside. I like good old male identified values like not being a giant wussy, being a responsible adult, understanding that sometimes facts are important,etc. Of course, everyone sees me as a girl, as I am very short, and do not have strong body language. Then again, I must admit, if I don't know what gender you are, I assume you're a female. Also I assume everyone on etsy is a female too. Also, people seem to be happier when I'm dressed as a girl, but I don't like it.

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