Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Poor skills makes stupidfree, giving me an opportunity to note that reverse classism doesn't exist. Some idiot is like my cleaning lady told me that you can polish silver with a toothbrush! I can see why poor people might resent folks with cleaning ladies(we don't even have a cleaning lady!) waltzing in and trying to tell them about the super special tip she learned(and seriously, who didn't know this superspecial tip?). Not to mention, some poor people use the internet at the library.

But back to my main point: Reverse classism doesn't exist. I know it's sad that people online don't think that your tips from your cleaning lady are wonderful and amazing, bu t the truth is that that is more an issue for you to discuss with your friends or a mental health professional than it is a systematic way that the poor are keeping us down.

There is room for good old whinging and moaning, but not everything rises to the level of oppression. Also, there's a difference between poor and broke. Poor is when anything goes wrong, whether it's a speeding ticket or anything, you're in danger of having your lights cut off, being homeless, your kid going hungry. Broke is when you have a bit of a cushion. You get a speeding ticket? Beg your parents for cash. Higher utility bills than usual? Cut down on the netflix. Holidays coming up? Sell on ebay.

Broke is having options. Poor is not having options. It's in that I think the oppression lies.

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