Sunday, April 30, 2006

8.1 Community pysch. My goal was 9.5, but I don't think I can do it. If only I had heat, I'd be able to wake up early..
7.3 Community Pysch. What a good comic.
6ish on islamism paper. A link to an article that lazy ass white folk should read, but they won't, because they are too busy attacking women of color bloggers for telling the truth, and thus cutting themselves off from the knowledge they need. It's kinda sad that by attacking the messenger they are making their own lives darker and more dreary, as we all decide to tell you guys to go fuck yourselves, and give our light and knowledge only to ourselves, and leave you guys clawing in the dark.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I wonder if if I were a teacher, whether I'd remember my own problems and have compassion or will I be like 'well, Susie had 11 children and a broken leg and she got her papers in on time". I think the problem is that many people honestly try, but we simply aren't all the same. Like, if I get four hours of sleep for a week- I'm delirious. I can't talk, let alone work. If I don't get any food- I am nearly suicidally depressed. I'm always worried to disclose my problems to anyone, because not being exactly the same makes you stupid or bad or ok 'disabled' and blah blah blah. Seriously, having a problem is severely stigmatized. I'm not going to admit to my teacher that I am on antidepressants that make me sleep 12 hours a day, or that I have difficulty doing group projects. I'm not going to talk about how sometimes I can't concentrate or sometimes I'm so upset I can't work. I've never broke up with my boyfriend(single for life!) but I can see how crying for hours on end for a week would cramp your school style.

Maybe teachers should be a bit flexible- for example, have an early date for papers and a late date, be able to bank 'shit happens' days for attendance based classes, and realize that giving papers that are like 20 pages long for an undergrad class is overdoing it. Maybe extra credit for a twenty pager, but come the fuck on. Last semester, I had to write I think 117 pages. Now I'm down to 50. But I think I require years of expensive ass therapy for that semester. I don't get why some people's incredible resilience should be bad for the rest of us- why not just good for them? Not all of us are superhumans, and it's stupid to measure everybody by the superhuman yardstick. What you can do, maybe I can't. That doesn't make me a bad person. comics on comic slurper. Use random to at least get some grounding in the webcomic world.

Friday, April 28, 2006

6.5 Community Pysch Paper. Be excellent to each other.
Tavis Smiley Podcast. 4.5 Community Pysch Paper
WTF- Young children being punished for eating. Dude, sometimes people eat in different ways. For example, we ordered hot wings for an anime lockin and one girl used chopsticks because wings are messy. Now in my culture, we eat hot wings with our hands, but there's nothing wrong with eating differently. Really, it seems like meaningless confomrity to me.

Deranged white teens brutally attack Hispanic child for no good reason. Shame on these children, and quite possibly, shame on their parents. I have no idea what was wrong with the teens, but it must be something awful to rape a person and put bleach on them.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Read the letter from the editor, and the editorial about race issues from this pdf of the school newspaper. The original offending article was taken off the site, but I was shaking my head and I wasn't even there. Like as a black person, I felt suspicious that they had a think tank and all they could talk about was self segregation- how likely was that(only whites pretend to care if black folks sit at the same lunch table- as a black person, I don't cry if some Chinese students all sit together- white people wouldn't 'care' if it wasn't a handy method to get the burden of doing something about their racism off their back). I didn't know that they had completely mangled the quotes. So yea, crappy ass shit like that is why I'm all radicalized.
3.9 pages on Islamic women. Question to readers: any places to check for best practices on graduate assistantships and all that?
Deep editing of Islamic women paper. Moveon thinks net neutrality is a good idea. Anti malaria charity

Monday, April 24, 2006

1 page on my community psych paper. .70 on my new black lit paper. Quote from tonight's program on racism and sexism in fantasy film(put on by our lovely Deltas): "if white people don't like something, they sue somebody. If we don't like something we put on a program"
Today starts with me editing. I'm editing my black lit paper. All it really needs are line edits to make sure it makes sense. Here is a science fiction poem.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Today was also a wash with only 1/4 a page done, and a paper mostly edited. But in other news, Dirk Deppey is a bit of a Nana fanboy in the comments to this review. I have to say I *like* naive Nana, as to tell the truth, there *are* idiots in this world, and so there are idiots in stories. I like strong woman characters, but save me from a universe where everyone always makes the 'right' choice. Part of the fun is that the character isn't perfect and wonderful and a total Mary Sue. I personally know people with no drive in their lives. They exist. I know people who make the wrong choices. They exist. I identify with the flawed more because the cultural tyranny of the day is that you have to be perfect all the time or you're a terrible person. I swear, there's no slack. It drives me nuts. What makes you a bad person is enjoying hurting others I think.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today was a total wash. 0 pages written. My head hurt most of the morning, and so I failed at life. But I liked this post.
I'd like to say that heteronormativity hurts the socially disabled too. (This is a large group which I think I made a word up for- the high functioning autistics, the folks with aspergers, the socially anxious, and anyone I left out). If being part of a couple is the holy grail, and you don't have the ability to achieve that(it goes without saying that a successful 'courtship' requires a whole lot of complex social signaling), what are you, and what will you do? Of course, all dating advice is for the socially normal. For example, wait, do your thing, and the relationship will come*. I'm not sure if that works for even normal people, but for the socially disabled, it's like if you taught math by saying 'read this book, and the correct answers will come' except for even more ineffective. Of course, social disabilities aren't a monolith- they range from the person who is severely autistic to the guy who just is just a bit 'off'. But in a culture that values marriage and couplehood generally, this can be an issue that causes declines in mental health.

*That's dating advice for women, which seems to push passitivity and looking hot, rather than for men, which seems to push creepy ways to 'trick' women into liking you
Black movie coming out! Adorable kid,tough talking principal,spelling bees. Good formula.
I'm starting a blog series: Black People I Hate.

The Internalized Racist:

Who S/He Is: S/He's already gotten hirs. S/He is disconnected from the youth. S/He also adheres to the contours of popular white conceptions about race in America. Basically, that black people are solely to blame for any problems they may have, and that racism is over and most white people would totally support us, if we only stop talking about race.

Why I Hate Him: Well, I'm not fond of the internalized racism, but this point of view is mostly classist, with a bit of sexism thrown in. Basically, what happens is that middle class blacks cobble together a bunch of stereotypes about poor youth(and also women) and blame every problem that our race has on them. So if our schools are inadequate, instead of demanding teachers who can actually teach, they talk about kids being teased in school. If they want to talk about the unfair war on drugs which targets our black men, they talk about the single mothers who are ruining our community(in Scandinavia, there are also high levels of single mothers, and basically, I think it's the poverty, not the single momness that gets us). The thing that annoys me is that well, by using other blacks as scapegoats, they not only reinforce white racist views, they also aren't very effective in fixing the problems. For example, I'm worried about AIDs in the black community. I could talk about the supposed sluttiness of our gay men, or I could help with a campaign to teach people about condoms and needle sharing programs if they are an injection drug user. I mean for every soft step shuffle they take, they should be looking up Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Instead of telling other blacks to be more moral, you be moral your own self.

Friday, April 21, 2006

WTF? Black Lit 3.5 Black gay prospectus: after starting all over, I have .5. I have like .17 of my community psychology paper. These are all percentages of a page if less than one page. Oh, and thanks to my blog, I found out that I apparently have another version of the community psych response? Or maybe I typed it wrong? I think I'm becoming disorentated,possibly because I've cut back sleep to six hours a night, and my body is very grumpy and causes me to be like totally insane if I don't eat like every few hours and sleep tons and tons. You know, I think I might have like, stayed up til 2 am yesterday. But I'm not sure.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I saw Common and it was like the best event in my life ever. I was like ten feet away from Common! A guy just in front of me got to touch Common's hand, and another girl(from Ghana) got to dance on stage with Common and she and Common got to do a dance that probably has been banned in several states as live action porn. It was great. And we had fun yelling and dancing and Common freestyled, and it was all amazing, even with me nearly passing out from leg pain and my worries that my old hallmates would do something ridiculous. I don't know why but whenever I am with them I feel like something outrageous is going to happen. Anyway, it was a great concert, and we got to see some of the performers get into the van like the opening act, whose first name is actually Algebra, and a girl who I think's name was Neil Andrews who sang with Common and nearly got left behind. So it was all good.

PS. Common said about the situation with the stripper, that he thinks the guys did it. Also, he dedicated a song to strippers. On the sexual violence tip, I don't care if she takes pay for sex, you just can't take sex without consent.
From steve gillard's blog:
Repeat Offending

It is unknown how many college rapists are repeat offenders. Most college acquaintance rapists go unpunished (in part because reporting is so low), so the number of serial offenses are difficult to determine. However, one study found that 96 college men accounted for 187 rapes, suggesting that further research may establish that serial rapists are a common component of the acquaintance rape problem. Lack of reporting complicates the problem, since it may prevent colleges from identifying and ridding themselves of their most dangerous students.

Rape rant: ARGH, report your rapes, women. If you know a guy has raped somebody, tell everybody. I don't care if she was drunk, if he's your best buddy, if he's in the frat that you depend on for your social life(how can your social life be fun when some asshole is raping your friends!), REPORT IT. Sometimes I think the whole Greek system should be dismantled, although I don't mind black(actually, the Latino/a and Asian ones aren't that bad either) Greeks as much, since even though they have drunken parties,which I'm not saying are utopias and should be very proactive against rape, at least their whole organization isn't based on giving guys oppurtunities to rape, for fuck's sake. If your whole organization is based around matching sexual predators and girls up- yea, that's fucked up. Seriously, do these groups ever do any good in the community at all? And I don't think getting 'community service" points by going to a presentation on balancing your checkbook counts. I saw some event getting glas(stupid bullshit that the white greeks have) for diversity. I guess having a bunch of idiots ruin an event for people who actually care is 'community service'. At least the white frat with the worst reputation got kicked off campus- seriously, if you video tape yourself having sex with a girl and show it to pledges, you're a disgusting human being.

Sororities need to be proactive about rape- frat boys are the main ones raping, and yea, the attitude that she was a slut, and asked for it, and I'm empowered because I got bought a drink, isn't helping. Fraternities need to be proactive with their pledges. They need to tell them what rape is- their reputation is bad enough all ready- and one guy who thinks that if she's passed out he can do whatever he wants can fuck it up for the guys who aren't rapists. If a guy rapes, he should be kicked out, and humilated. If that happened, the rape rate would get real low, real quick. And the sorority girls should back it up as well. None of this "well, you know how she just had sex with a tampon in(yea right) and is a total liar" crap.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Black lit 2.86 10 sources found for gay history paper. Hilarious weight related freakout: I weigh 109 pounds for an almost certain gain. I promised diets,etc, with mom later, so I can have candy now. Yay.
I want to say, no matter how 'fast' that little girl is, grown ass men should know good and well to not touch them. I don't care if she sucked the dick of every little boy in her high school. I don't care if she wears clothes so skanky that the hos on the corner are like 'dude, cover up". I don't care if she wears so much makeup, she looks like she's wearing drag queen makeup. Seriously, how do you not know that the girl is like 12?

I hate the rape promoting mentality that you have to jump right into sex in three seconds. Seriously, if the guy took the time to say, hey, where do you work or where do you go to school, from her answer, he'd know full well how old she was. And if he doesn't care, that's simply molestation. I don't care how girls these days know exactly what they are doing- if you wanted a mature woman, you'd get one. The fact that you're going after a girl who barely knows why she bleeds every month shows your motives are not good. Leave the fast girls to the teen boys.

And the rest of you aren't off the hook- remember, only yes means yes. A girl that is only not saying no because you threatened, coerced, badgered or drugged not no out of them is still being raped. Oh yea, and an unsolicited finger in the vagina- that's sexual assault. (Please read the more cogent blog posts against sexual assault here

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I got accepted to the UofM. Gloat post.
A Racism FAQ(it is unfinished and not spelled correctly)

Q)Why do you say I don't know what racism is? or The Dictionary says..

A)Well, studies into race have advanced in the years after the 1960s. Many scholars talk about race as a system of advantages based on race, or use the formula prejudice + power=racism. This is because the power differences in society cause different effects when different people are prejudiced. Like even if every black person in America hated white people, the most you'd get are some funny looks, not being beaten by cops or discriminated against in the workplace for being too 'ethnic'

Q)But I don't have any power! or I don't get any advantages.

A)The power is structural. So if one is rewarded for their degree of whiteness by getting the benefit of the doubt or having their money assumed good in stores, that is an advantage, and that is power. If someone sees your white skin, they assume you're automatically smarter, better and more normal than people of color. That's power.

Q)But it's so hard to not be racist/what can I do to not be a racist?

A)There are two general rules: shut up and listen and don't be an asshole. You'll learn a lot of other things on the way, but those two rules are the key.

Q)Why don't you take my argument at face value?

A)Because the truth is that I don't have any obligation to pretend I've never met a white person before. You see, I don't feel bound to act by old Jim Crow rules. So yea, I'm not going to smile up in your face and say "No! Of course I've never heard of that totally bullshit argument that is made every three seconds! Hahaha! Of course blacks are just too stupid to be doctors or leaders!" Why should I treat you with more deference than my mama?

Q)But I'm poor/insert ethnic group here/live in a magical bubble where there is no racism.

A)The ethnic group thing doesn't make any difference in how people treat you. It is a dishonest tactic to pull out your ethnic group when it is convenient to you, and ignore it the rest of the time. That lack of honesty does not promote good dialogue. In the poverty case, one can be privileged and oppressed at the same time. I get advantages because of my class, but that doesn't get white people to keep their bigoted opinions to their selves. It sucks being poor, but you can still draw on the psychological wages of whiteness, such as not noticing racism that is obvious to the rest of us. There's no perfect place where there is no racism- it may be less outspoken, but it's likely to be there.

Q)but I have a black friend/ fucked a black person/once I saw a black person walk down the street.

A)Antiracism is not transmitted by touch or bodily fluids. It requires a change of mind. Only your actions determine whether you're a racist or not.

Q)But stereotyping is bad!

A)Stereotypes of people of color are used to exert power, and tend not to be true in the first place. If you can say that black people don't like school, you have an excuse to not educate them. But saying that most white people are racist or that they say racist things is not stereotyping. Most white people feel free to touch people's hair, use gross generalizations based on the media, be totally unobservant of the racial reality of America(so black people stole all the spots- but there is still mostly white folks up in here, how does that work), say blacks and other people of color are lying about the existence of racism or keep quiet while their friends enjoy such behavior. Yet most blacks aren't drug dealers, nor education haters.

Q)But "if you switched the words around"..

A)The situations are totally different. You guys got the GI Bill, you guys get taken seriously, no matter what insane paranoid shit you made up, and we're supposed to cry for you? No.


A)Yet another dishonest tactic. Let's attack what's really going on, and then we can talk about some stuff that has never happened, and never will.

Q)But you're stifling freedom of speeech!

A)No, you're being an asshole. There are spaces where you can engage in racism to your heart's content. This is not one of them. Once I knew a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors. This guy started to talk about how cool Nazi uniforms were. I was like dude, not cool. It is not necessary to talk about this- it's hurtful and dumb. I wouldn't talk about how the Jews were faking the Holocaust for sympathy either- it's not true, it's hurtful, and well, it's stupid. Not every word that comes out of your mouth is gold, and being respectful to others is often more useful than expressing every single thought that comes through your head.

Q)I'd totally listen to people of color, if only they weren't so angry!/Why can't we talk civilly?

A)Talking about how much you think me, my family and my ancestors are worthless,don't matter or insert negative stereotype here is not civil, no matter how much you dress it up. Saying that nobody can be angry is stupid- it says that whites don't need to be responsible for their actions, or that our anger is somehow illegitimate. Also, it's dishonest. No matter how nicely we phrase the fact that we're human beings and are just as good as whites, you won't listen anyway.

Q)But you didn't praise whites!

A)It is the year 2006, right now, in the 21st century. White people are not entitled to praise. Being born white is not an accomplishment. It's a starting place. You can choose to do good with your life or evil, but being white doesn't automatically put you on the good side.

Q)But you hate white people!

A)I am angry at them for treating me poorly for years. It's the natural consequence of their actions. Yet, I do not seek to hurt white people. Not letting them off the hook for treating people poorly, lying to people's faces, and generally being butts is not the same as hate.

Q)Why are blacks so sensitive?

A)We know the score, and have heard every single one of your lies before. The idea that blacks are stupid is pure projection.

Q)Why do you say I'm lying? I'm a servant of the truth!

A)You deliberately misrepresent untruths or distortions as fact. That's called lying.

Q)Racism stopped a long time ago!

A)That statement in itself is racist. As if people of color are so unimportant you can't crack open a book or use google. Yet somehow you know all about baby bumps or sports stats- I'm not buying it.

Q)Why can't I wave a confederate flag?

A)Imagine that we waved a flag at a "let's kill the white folks" rally or above the state house for 'segregation forever" for a hundred years or so. Would you be like 'hey, that flag is super cool!" No. I was shocked that Robert Jensen had to explain that in fact, people of color would rather be alive, but confederate flag apologists make me reconsider.

Q)The NAACP is as racist as the KKK!

A)You're a dumbass.

Q)Why is there self segregation?

A)Because you segregate yourself in your mostly white group,dumbass. Learn some math. And sometimes we need safe spaces to talk about real issues without hearing your whiny ass,ok?

Q)But my grandpappy didn't own any slaves!

A)Great for your grandpappy, but he probably was full of pride that he was not a nigger. Race riots, restrictive convenants, segregation academies, racist immigration laws. This could not have happened without the consent of the average white dude on the street.Some whites were abolitionists or proto antiracists, which was good for them, and if you think your ancestors were one of those, maybe you should continue the good work, and if you think your ancestors were in the Klan, hey, nobody said you had to have the same attitudes.

Q)But like, a black person totally said it was ok for me to say the n word.

A)Yes, I understand that some people have internalized racism. Don't be an asshole anyway.

Q)But rap music!

A)Dude, if we judged white culture based on reality shows, we'd be dumbasses. It's not reality- it's something made for our entertainment. Most of the people listening to that stuff are white. Simply putting a black face someplace doesn't mean they are the ones running it, although shame on blacks acting in stereotypical roles(ingroup thing, sorry).

Q)The biggest racial problem in America is that there are scholarships for black people/my Asian girlfriend's family thought she shouldn't date a white boy/nobody believes I'm such a great Japanese speaker

A)No, the biggest racial problem in America is racism- the systematic oppression of people of color. It hurts when people in your lives are dicks, but come on, it's not like your family has been consigned to the bottom rung in education for years, and then finally, after a bloody struggle, managed to get college admissions and have people try to help with that so that people don't have to live in poisoned neighborhoods. Nor do your grandparents worry about your safety if you visit your girlfriend's grandparents and you have to reassure them that you won't get hurt. The problem with recognizing this as 'racism' is the same as recognizing the fact that my meal card in college has run out of money as starvation. It's ridiculous, and shows your lack of empathy for real problems. Not to mention, white people are being preferred as well. When they cynically try to co opt our struggles for justice to keep power, they are actually listened to uncritically. Snowflake doesn't have to be the perfect victim(like if she didn't get into college, she could have an F-- in high school) nor do the perps have to be perfect perpetrators. They automatically get "oh, poor snowflake".

Q)Why don't they speak English?

A)English takes a long time to learn to speak, read and listen to well. So while the people who have time to take classes(and money in some areas) are working hard to learn English, they won't be able to learn to speak it automatically, just by making an effort. And yea, they will probably have an accent for some time. Be patient.

Q)But Racism is all the fault of people of color!

A)No it isn't. For example, I am going to get my masters and am very proud of that. As a white person, that's kinda neutral. Everybody's like yay. But for a black person, either I'm increasing racism by stealing the spot from a white person, or I'm the 'exception' from black people, who all are terrible people. It's not how POC act, because white people have jackasses and heroes too, but how you see how we act. Like if white people are in an all white frat, it just happened that way, but if Indians have their Indian club, all the sudden, they are 'self segregating' because they want to enjoy their own culture. And the whole Africans sold slaves thing is dumb. So you're saying that they made Europeans take the slaves, shove them in dirty ships, beat them, and mistreat them and their descendants for hundreds of years? Yea, that's not a racist viewpoint at all. Here whites are always blameless, even if they do immoral things like be racist or enslave other people. The idea that whites are without blemish distorts reality.
Q)Let me show you an innovative new perspective.

A)No, whatever it is, it's been around since the first vestiges of racist asshattery. Simply, nothing is new. Whites are allowed in libraries to discuss their dating lives loudly and distract me from studying, and thus they should be able to check out books. In fact, I saw my white former next door neighbor check out books!(and she didn't even go to my school) So yea, maybe you should try a history book. If you can't read, well, you're not going to be reading this.

Q)The way whites do this is the only good way/Whites are the only people who have ever done anything important.

A)The problem with this is that it's simply not true. For example, languages other than English the way whites speak it aren't wrong, they just are languages or dialects. It's you putting the value judgment on what is right and wrong, and through the lens of racism, white is right. Also, important is a value judgment as well. I have noticed a pattern in which whites say blacks haven't done anything, and when shown evidence to the contrary, they say it's not important, because you know, a white person didn't do it. But if you sincerely don't know, try a history book.

Q)But like, you didn't spell this word right, so you're wrong!

A)Yea, the truth is that you need to do your own homework, and see where you have been racist.

Q)But my motives are pure!

A)I have no way of telling if your motives are pure, but I can totally tell if you're giving me a line of bullshit. Also, your motive is also being judged by what the likely outcome of what you propose will be. If your answer to racism is to pretend racism doesn't exist, yea, I'm going to conclude you don't want to get rid of racism.

Q)The idea of cultural appropiation is ridiculous! Does that mean I can't eat Chinese food?

A)No, the point is just not to be a dick with someone else's culture. It's like the guy who always shows up when there is a party, but when you need help, they are nowhere to be around? Folks are around when it's time to wear someone's religious symbol as a fashion statement(they are oh so deep! Other cultures are soooo cool!) but when it's time to be like hey, don't randomly act like every random Indian has something to do with the 7/11, it's all don't be so sensitive! They are around when it's time to smush many different dance styles from countries they know nothing about into their exercise routine, but when asked about our meddling into the middle east, it's all "they are all terrorists anyway"

Q)But sexism is the root oppression/racism is unacceptable but sexism isn't/if classism was destoryed, racism would be too!

A)There's no hierarchy of oppression. They all operate at the same time. Also, structual oppression is way more pervasive than whatever suburban legend you are using to bolster your position. For example, one guy got fired for saying niggardly, maybe, but that happened at least 5 years ago, and this year hundreds of thousands of black men and women are in jail away from their families and messing up their job prospects. This affects us all. Also, although the oppressions are interlocking in some ways they differ. Even though I'm not class oppressed, people still treat me like crap because of my race, and try to outlaw birth control,etc. Note: if you call yourself a feminist, and you say something like that, I'm throwing you out of the feminist movement, and beating you with chicken wire, and damn what the hugglybears say about it!

Q)Why is this FAQ not a scholarly document?

A)Because you're not reading it in the way it is offered. The truth is knowledge is knowledge, even when cut with snark. This knowledge was distilled from years of life experience, books on subjects from race to history, plenty of conversation with people of color, white folks with a clue, and willfully ignorant whites, a childhood spent in whitebread suburbia and a college career in a predominately white college and a dollop of good sense from my mama. I try to pass it on, but you can't fix stupid.

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This is an ad post. I am selling this ceramic bunny I got from work. I got some useful stuff from work like a neurology cup and pen, though. I have free shipping in my etsy store. And yes, my regular shop is open for business,blahblahcakes.
According to Biting Beaver, porn is responsible for the internet male. This guy is a common message board denizen. Someone will post a picture of a perfectly OK looking woman, but according to the internet male, she's a buttertroll, who nobody ever would fuck. Even international porn stars are too fat for the internet male or else, she needs a sammich, but he would hit it, maybe, if they threw in her lesbian twin sister. Seriously, this guy, who is probably really ugly, thinks he is the sole arbiter of a woman's hittability, and therefore her value. i.e. he's a fucking cobag. Avoid at all costs.

Unrelated, the Lolita hall of shame.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm breaking my blog fast, probably illadvisedly, to say that I tried to see Jonathan Kozol speak, but he was sick and couldn't come.Sucks. Paper progress- black lit 1.5 black gay prospectus .36

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

An oddly balanced report about DNA and Duke. Health coverage may be cut. Black lit paper .85
My soul was slightly healed by this comic, but I have to admit, I hate poor boy. I've lived around white people my whole life, and so have many other people of color. Really, get it through your heads, folks. Your lies aren't new- we've heard the 'my grandpappy didn't own slaves" the "I am ", the "black people are hysterical liars", the "if only black people didn't vainly believe they were human beings worthy of respect". The fact that you expect us to be ah yup! I totally totally believe you, although you are transparently lying is extremely insulting. Just call us niggers and be through with it, since you're not fooling anybody.

When I hear white people lie like that, I shake with rage. White people will never understand it- but the pain is like in your whole body. It's like you're filled with steam and heat. You can hardly breathe, your head is filled with light. In any other circumstance, you would be screaming and crying hysterically. But you've been silenced. You can't say anything about whites/ By fiat, they are perfect. You must bow down and grovel at their feet.

Fuck that. Since whites love our pain and our tears so much, I'm fighting back. It'
s a silent death everytime I let them silence us. Poor boy of course has attempted to silence me on his blog- he can't stoop to listening to a person of color. A rich white person could be watching.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sexy pictures heal my soul. African History Paper progress- 2.4 Black Lit paper .75 People who have more comics than they can read annoy me.
In which I ruin everybody's fun: Brownfemipower attempted to dialogue across blog space, and be productive. But I'll be mean to poor boy for a bit, since you know, fuck that. Not to say that Brownfemi didn't challenge him, and that I don't respect her for talking to the stupid without cussing him out, but I had some extra comments which wouldn't be helpful to post to her blog.:

The rift between whites and blacks is simply too wide (Grand Canyon wide) to ever be bridged, I think. Since the separation between poor blacks and whites is so complete, there is absolutely no fear by the power structure of pissing off either side, because weÂ’ll attack one-and-other before standing up against the machine.

It's because only blacks are doing anything to bridge that gap, stupid. It drives me nuts how lazy white folks are- make an honest attempt(no, doing something completely half assed and then throwing up your hands doesn't count) for once.
Latinos donÂ’t have the same hang-ups, yet, when it comes to white people. Latinos arenÂ’t as quick to assume people are racist against them, and, Latinos are more likely than blacks to have a conservative political idealogy, putting them squarely in the same corner as the average poor white person from a political standpoint.

Here poor boy attempts the 'at least you're not a n*****" bullshit. Will Latinos be dumb enough to fall for it? Not being a nigger isn't getting healthcare or food for poor whites, so I'm sick and tired of this nonsense- it shows their prioritiies are racial hatred over survival, and that's fucked up. Combined with the 'blacks assume people are racist" crap- what about taking some responsibility for once in a while?

All whites, regardless of place or privilege, are blamed for the actions of a few wealthy and powerful white people and politicians because our Great-grandparents were convinced that the blacks represented a threat. White Americans can not let that happen again, but I fear itÂ’s too late.
You're all blamed because you guys are aiding and abeting the rich white guys. YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Nobody made you hate black folks or vote for Bush or panic about immigrants.

One of the issues he addresses is what you called, something like, the “playing handmaid of violence by poor whites to rich whites”. The fact is, that job has been handled by everyone. There were a great many blacks called to duty in the Indian wars, and blacks played a crucial role in expanding America’s borders to the West. Why? Because they were poor, and the rich white folks offered money, land, and other benefits to those who agreed to do their bidding

Note that yet again he tries to shift responsibility.

point of all of this is that if the races are trully to form alliances to
work on those issues of interest to us all, then members of all races
must stop
allowing themselves to consider the other races as a group and instead
looking at, and giving credit to, the differences that exist within seamingly
homogenous groups. This, of course, is what minorities have asked for
over the
years as well (not all blacks are dope dealers, not all Hispanics are
illegalsÂ…not all whites are the opressor).

He shows his ignorance of privilege. Even the best white person gets privilege, whether they want it or no.

—you can’t just “get over” some things because some things create a distrust within you that is generational—and some times has nothing to do with the group you are trying to work with…it’s just that the abuse you community has been subjected to, you literally don’t have the ability to trust anybody, much less a group that, as you stated, looks much much too much like the ruling upper class

Brownfemi's clue power throughout is strong, but not strong enough to defeat the stupid.

you think about it, that is the extent of most peopleÂ’s education in race
history, whether they are white or not.

White people take the information that they learn in school, and they go
home and ask their parents about slavery/opression/segregation, and their
parents say, “honey, we’re Irish, our people built railroads, they didn’t own
cotton plantations.” Honestly, that’s how it works. So, the white person
spends the rest of their life with the knowledge that what happened
isnÂ’t their
fault, itÂ’s not their parentsÂ’ fault, and it wasnÂ’t any of their ancestorsÂ’

That's becaquse white people don't take responsibility for their own knowledge or anything else. There's a library, use it. (also, he has the internet too)

the goal
be to create a color blind society

No, I'd like us all to actually be equal, and yea, stop insulting my family, which actually works and takes responsibility, while other people whine about how they can't do anything.

think that my goals tend to be based on what I think makes for a
functional nation. I think my kids will grow up in a better country, a more
economically competetive country, if people donÂ’t vote their emotions based on
race (i.e., 87% of blacks supporting one Party while not reaping any benefit
for that outlandishly high support

The Republicans run on hating us
(and it works because whites vote on race based emotion not thier interests). Why should we support them?

7) Whites will have to give something up for the good of race relations, but I
donÂ’t know what, exactly. Sacrifice will be required, though, and many wonÂ’t
like it. This will be the main obstical to any true unity between the races.

Try taking some responsibility and stop hating us.

it is very ironic to me that white folks keep beating up people of color for “not taking responsibility” for rampant crime, violence, poverty of their communities, and yet, white folks refuse to take responsibility as well, for their part in any thing they have done to create the mess.

Brownfemi tries to fight back using clueification.

The accusations are, them selves, racist — they assume
that white people canÂ’t engage in any political activity that isnÂ’t built upon

Our boy demonstrates that he doesn't know what racism means. White folks have the power here, and if Mexicans think that some white guys have shot some people, well, even if it's true, it's not going to reflect on all white people, except to the rest of us less powerful folks,and we aren't making the laws here.

So yea, Brownfemi fought the good fight, but stupid is strong. As my mama say, you can't teach stuck on stupid.
Let me see how you'd run a real affirmative action bake sale.

For the first 4/6ths of it you'd only let white people buy the goods. Then for 1/6 of the time you'd let the minorites buy baked goods but only from the back of the table and they couldn't eat them in the vicinity. For the last 6th of the sale you'd let the minorities buy the baked goods on equal footing while complaining about having to sell to them and telling racist jokes behind their backs. And you'd try to trip them up and figure out a way not to sell to them any chance you could get.

# posted by esther : 10:19 PM

Comment from tbogg, I LOL'd. Paper progress 2.2

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Today I went to the Walk for Women's Lives, so I'm totally exhausted. It was vaguely exhilarating to score free t-shirts and chapstick in the fair atmosphere before the march. I would like to note that a conservative would totally care about women's rights if I hadn't worn a shirt with an allusion to the sexual organ of a male. And if I didn't have that crazy hair, and the scarf on my head that makes it oh so difficult to communicate with me, of course. A black reverend noted that women's rights were human rights and that we would not apologize or compromise our rights. And then we marched. It was hard to keep up the tempo of the chants- my favorites were 'not the church, not the state, women must decide our fate" and "pro life, that's a lie, you don't care about women's lives". It wasn't as hot as usual, so it was easier to march. My favorite signs were "republican against gov't intrusion", "don't like abortion, then educate about birth control", abort Bush(one of the girls I rode with had that sign, and she got a thumbs up from a waiter looking on from a building) and I also liked a pregnant women who had a picture of her fetus taped to her, and the words 'we're pro choice'. When we got back to the capitol, some people spoke on abortion, trans rights, and how it's not Bush's America, it's our America.

BTW tomorrow, there is a pro immigrant march. Plaza Fiesta, 9 AM. Oh yea,and a homeless guy said that women don't have enough homeless shelters when we said we were marching for women's rights.
Here's a cool webpage devoted to pioneering cartoonists of color.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

ATTN ALL LOLITA SHOPPERS: Use this what not to do post,ok? Maybe I should go semiloli to the walk for women's lives which is tommorow, Georgia State Captiol, Registration at 2, walk at 2:30, Rally/Picnic 3:30-5. Please see the website. I wonder if that is still too scary for the 'oh, we'd totally care about women's lives if some college girl didn't dye her hair pink" crowd.
Paper progress: 2 pages. I'm going to let it rest for today and try to get the next few half a page tomorrow. But ginmar talked about the noble/savage dichotomy, and that reminded me of the 'totally not a racist/Nazi" dichotomy . It annoys me because the Nazi and the totally not a racist guy are not two separate beings, but two points on a continuum. Like the totally not a racist guy, in practice, is probably racist. He may be racist in the sort of "well, I have to keep the peace so I won't call that guy out" or the "well, racism is all bad and stuff, but do you have to be so mad about it way", but that's still being racist.

The idea that racist is an on/off proposition, that if you are a racist, you're automatically this boogie man that basically is the racism of white folks all projected on one person, really flattens the discourse. It's like how I can be classist without being a hardline capitalist who declares, are there no prisons, are there no workhouses? Simply having a giant blindspot about it is keeping the system alive. I don't have to go and move into a shack or something(anyway, the class priv is more like the confidence I have from my experience as a middle class person, less the actual money I can draw on) nut I have to think "oh, is that really OK?" and if called on my classist ass, I don't have to fear the boogieman.

Don't worry about being 'evil'. Worry about doing good.
From Alison Bechdel's blog, more dykes. Paper progress: 1.67, ok, at 2:15, it's 1.80
Tragedy in California. Also, I think Gillard is right about blacks and Hispanics(American ones) not wanting shitty jobs that pay crap. Like I want to have a high pay, high status job like my white peers. Even being the office gofer is slightly embarrassing to me, because other people are higher status right now(as in doing research, which is totally high status.) Some may say, but dsoesn't this mean black people are lazy? No, it's simply that yea, maybe you'll do shit work, but for 2 bucks an hour? Forget it. Maybe if they made the wage $10 an hour, because you wouldn't be stuck living with your mama(ok, in some places), but thinking that black folks are like "of course, I'd work in a meatpacking plant for $3 bucks an hour" is wishful thinking.
I mourn for white people: An Open Letter

I'm still shocked that anyone even cares about Cynthia McKinney. White congresspeople are taking bribes. The white vice president is suspected in leaks. But white people don't care, and will vote Republican anyway, or Repub Lite, if they think they are good and liberal, which is a fucking lie, anyway. Keeping blacks in their place is more important to white people than anything else. I'm sad about it, but your problems are yours to heal yourself. No matter how hard we work, only you guys can decide whether to rejoin the rest of humanity.

It hurts me that you guys have given that up. I can't imagine being unable to empathize with others. Our anger comes from hurt, and when you guys can stop hurting, the anger will end. So complain about black people standing up for themselves. Cry and scream when you guys are called on racism. Go on witchhunts against black women who are 'uppity'. It won't improve your lives one bit. What you guys really fear is not us, but yourselves. Of having the treatment you have given to us returned to you.

Of having the treatment you have given to us returned to you. But you can't enjoy what you have taken, every day must be filled with fear or the Other, fear of Others standing up for themselves, fear of the situation being reversed. It's a tragedy,bu6t it's one you inflict on yourself

If you didn't arrange your lives around never hearing that you might be wrong, that others may have been hurt by your behavior and what you have allowed to happen, you could understand. But you don't,and you won't, and I'm sorry that you have chosen this path. Say I hate white people if you want, because you don't understand how it feels to hurt for somebody else.

In other news, white anti racist Rachael S. talks about the lack of empathy whites have for blacks, browns, and pretty much everybody else. The two sides fallacy can't be used here. Most blacks, if they had the power to, would not leave a whole city of white folks to die, and white folks treat us like shit. The lynching photograph she used is from an exhibit of lynching postcards I saw freshman year. The worst part wasn't the violence, it was the fact that the people weren't hiding their faces, and that anyone in fact would send a postcard being like 'yea, I killed some niggers". Yea, I find that sort of behavior shameful, and the behavior of today's whites shameful as well. White people who can't stand the depravity may feel guilt, but at least they are not fucking going 'yea, we're depraved, fuck all y'all".

Oh, yea, and a bit on the soul searing ignorance from well, ok, me: but it is willfully cultivated ignorance. It's not ignorance the way I don't know exactly how a telephone works. It's like if I rearranged my life around never knowing how a telephone works and got mad if anyone alluded to it at all.
Black women protest rape. I have to say forgiveness is not my burden, distributing cock punches is my burden.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Cool Pot Fridge and fake news? fucked up. Also women's clothing sizes are weird. I have a pair of pants that are a 7/9, and i'm wearing a skirt that is a 2. WTF?
Today and yesterday's Cat and Girl are funny, but I wonder how many people get the jokes? The Messenger is so good, my soul just healed, but all work today I worried about whether we were creating a caste like system of education in which the black and brown never get science and social studies, and thus can't be doctors or psychologists and totally fucking up our society for years to come. To say, well, they don't care,and thus it doesn't matter it just crap.

It reminds me of the conversation my class had after Freedom Now, and people talked about the obvious sort of well, we didn't say racial stereotyping, but that's what we meant, inherent in totally glossing over how the Europeans had destroyed infrastructure and many Africans were poorly trained, not to mention the fact that a lot of the rebels in the African countries after independence were funded by rich Western countries like the US, and simply saying 'well, India was successful' without anymore background than that. Like simply looking at something without knowing all the facts can be pretty harmful. I like how we discussed that, so maybe we can become the next generation of smart people.

The thing I like and don't like about my college is that you can become a nondouche if you take advantage of the resources available to do so, but it's not like we can make you not be a douche, so many people go through, don't avail themselves of any of the resources and come out as dumb as they started.
Even though I've been around whites all my remembered life, their culture still seems foreign. That is very odd. Even foreign blacks don't seem as foreign(by foreign, I mean like immigrants,etc). It's like they have an interesting new culture, but still don't seem to think it's polite to say rude things about my family(which is like 99% black) to my face, so it's cool. Maybe it's the rudeness that seems foreign. I work very hard not to sound like a complete idiot, so I am always shocks when somebody lets loose with some memorable stupidity. Like this one guy called this girl a Chinaman(wtf?) and her roommate was (admirably like) no one can say racist stuff to my roommate but me, and I was like hey, that's not cool. But it seems foreign to say something like that. It's like not funny or cool. And the guy who complained about there not being white entertainment TV in class or the girl who said minority groups were whining in class, you guys are dicks. Even the white teacher and TA think you are dicks, but can't simply jump all over you. I'm not sure why you'd want to be a dick in a public place, that's all.

I am fairly ignorant on many things, but I usually don't talk about them. This is why this blog will never have anything about sports on it. I sound like someone who is a toolbox and a bag full of dicks if I ever open my mouth about sports. I'll be at a basketball game and be like 'what's a shot clock?" "why are they stopping play?". So I never portray myself as knowing shit about basketball. It seems common sense to me.

I'm not saying some people of color aren't coons, but they get more out of it obviously, like some of them are paid, and others simply want to be with the cool (white) kids, but as white people seem ignorant of the racial order at all, what's so bad about staying quiet?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Markos seems short on TV. Also,a slut for the Demos. But Vegankid alerted me to a petition, so hey, sign.
Emory Take Back the Night for next year is starting. The people in charge said that they were looking for more men to come, as well. If you want a position, look up the TBTN Interest conference. The positions are day 1 chair which organizes the march and the candlelight vigil, day 2 chair which organizes speakers, films, safe space discussion(!), and a self defense clinic, day 3 chair which recruits bands, MCs. raises funds,etc, publicity chair, fund raising chair, technology chair, and exhibit chair which gets t shirts from the Atlanta Clothesline Project, and collecting art to exhibit. If you'd like these positions, you have to hurry and get your contact information and a paragraph about why you want to be involved and what skills you have to have. You can also be on a committee, so if you just want to be a commit member, show your interest as well.
Heroic Guy unionizes Indian Sex Workers, Saves them from AIDS. Anti Immigrant Laws are Also Anti Queer. Please contact your senator on this issue. Come on folks, I called up Bill Frist's office.
From Poetry Daily,this poem healed my soul a little bit:

When the civil guards approached me
and asked me for my papers,

I pictured the face of a sunny saint
being disemboweled on the rack.

Widows in perennial black, addicts of prayer,
find comfort here the way monks

in hair shirts must take to penance,
or me, addled in my blissed-out days

in San Francisco, tugging daily on a roach.
And that's how I must've been,

befogged in Ávila on a visit
that coincided with the papal tour.

A murder of crows, clerics, nuns in wimples,
tarring the field with their black habits.

St. Francis de Sales dispenses, "The measure
of love is to love without measure."

This republic of goodness
was once peopled with spies. Maybe

that's what got the saints in trouble,
their willingness to surrender

once found out. I know authority
when I see it make a U-turn to pull me over.

I also know that the Burgos Christ
in pageant-red skirt is tethered to a story,

its weals and welts, blue-black,
the wounds Nicodemus witnessed as he

lowered Jesus, alone in his discarded body.
The carving by Nicodemus

would one day float its way
first to a monastery, then to Burgos.

When the civil guards approached me
and asked me for my papers,

I felt for a string around my neck, my scapular
like a leaf pressed on the road of pistils and stamens.

That moment stood
for something I can no longer recall.

What with those men and their gift
of whiteness, their constant need of proof.

I must've smiled at them, clueless yet longing
to be profound.

Eugene Gloria
Hoodlum Birds
Penguin Books
Temple 3 talked about a white woman conversing with her memories. I can't keep calm when white people are slipping into their alternative realities. The hurt is too new, the wounds too fresh. I want to know why I got to be in this other dimension with them,and when are they going to come out so we can work together, you know?
I realized why the whole McKinney thing bothers me so much. It's like white people in politics are taking bribes and leaking sensitive intelligence infomation and wire tapping people, and generally being criminal, and who gets punished? A black lady for striking an officer. WTF? Yea, I don't think I'll ever trust a white person again.

Today on campus, shirts were on sale. I bought the one with Be A Man on the front and on the back: [picture of a chicken for 'cock']block sketchy guys. The other one was 'let's talk about it' on the front and on back "and I'll respect you in the morning". I think the second one had the refuse to excuse logo(USE for unwanted sexual experences as I guess noone wanted to haggle about what was rape

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Racist caricatures abound. Thanks, white people, for fucking up race relations. Really, what is next in the papers, the eternal jew? Steve Gillard articulates a pro black response. Another pro black response Sadly No! mocks a racist.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Big Fat Carnival is out. Banish the diet books, don't worry about the calories in your frigging smoothie, get out and dance! Wooot!
I'm divided on The Daily Show's McKinney coverage. The whole BLACK PEOPLE ARE ALL LIARS thing needs to be put down, but what to say? The problem is that you can't even take a joke anymore, because if you do, you end up in class, hearing about 'quotas'(I noted that those were outlawed when I was five) and about why isn't there white entertainment TV(my teacher was like 'that's called TV!"), so don't complain about black people not being able to take a joke, white folks, if you guys weren't too dumb to breathe, we could feel the hilarity. Contact form.

My letter:

I generally enjoy the Daily Show, but the McKinney bashing was uninspired. The whole 'black people are always lying about racism!" card has simply been played too many times. I enjoy when the Colbert Report pokes fun at white people, but white people do not come to class, and have those jokes thrown back at them. It is sad that I can not enjoy the show because of society's stupidity. Next time even if you feel you have to take the 'black people are hysterial liars' tack, do poke fun at the people who totally ignore how she has been ignored several times before or you could poke fun at Neal Boortz who called her a 'ghetto slut'.

Jesse Jackson is stumping for people displaced by Katrina on the Colbert Report.
Why You Should Beat Your Kids. Prevent sexual assault- give an asswhooping today
. More about this particular asshattery. Seems like the Senator's son is going to get a light sentence- broomstick up little boy's ass or no. Sexual Assault as punishment? That's fucked up.
Mind of Mencia ain't funny
Let's all call Bill Frist's office. I simply said his proposal on immigration didn't seem enforceable.

Sen. William Frist
Phone: (202) 224-3344

Monday, April 03, 2006

Do people get the race jokes on The Colbert Report? I think they are hilarious. "I wouldn't even talk to him if he was white!" LOL.
Piny is so amazing that I link him without comment.
I hate the "they do it on both sides" fallacy, because it doesn't see severity. For example, let's say I say "White people sure do use a lot of drugs!" Nobody is going to not hire a white person for a job simply because they use more drugs than other groups of people. It takes a whole society working together to create racism, it's not all about individual opinion. We have the media constantly flogging "blacks have a pathological culture"(common ones: blacks don't want to succeed in school, blacks listen to all that rap music and thus are criminals) or "Black people are hysterical liars" and suchlike. We have the government not really doing much about black problems- like if they have the money to bomb another country, why can't our schools get some teachers who can teach? We have disparate police presence in our neighborhoods and yea, we do have some employers endorsing racism stereotypes.

So when a white person says "Black people sure do use a lot of drugs!" they are keeping the lies that that huge system going. If the public doesn't believe that we need to be doing something about all these drug dealing Negroes, harsh laws aren't passed. If the chief of police doesn't believe that black neighborhoods or black people need 'special' service, then the harassment and brutality goes away. If the teacher believes black kids want to learn, they teach better, and so on. Of course, there is more to it than that, but having a power analysis and refusing to spread or believe things like that can help a bit.

That's why I'm a pro black black person. A pro black black person doesn't go around always hating on their own people, and moralizing(both destructive) but seeks constructive solutions to the problems caused by the system of our country.
Every white person in the entire world, and also people of color who are complete and total assholes, should memorize this piece on apologies. Some may say, what about the good white people? It's so they can remind everybody else about how "I'm sorry if what I said hurt your feelings" is not an appropiate response to somebody being mad that you called them the n word.
Today, I heard from a Nigerian classmate that she had to take an AIDs test to get her green card. I was like what the fuck?(not out loud) and so I googled it. You know, that's fucked up. In other news, let's all help the debunkingwhite community write an anti racism faq.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I wonder if I should change up my blog to be more anoynmous(don't feel like spelling right) if I get into grad school or would it not do any good?
Ginmar is receiving an outpouring of bravery. Warning: may be triggering. Also porn myths. I'm glad I have a really small blog- or else everyone would be bitching at me because I put Biting Beaver and Twisty on the same blog roll as darkdaughta and ethnoerotica.
I think I've lost interest in fashion, video games,anime(and even manga), jewelry making, business and life.
The 3rd Radical Women of Color Carnival is Out!
Steve Gillard explains about racism in liberal circles.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I have this really bizarre pet peeve. It's that I think vegetarians constantly using meat substitutes are annoying. It totally wipes out your cost savings, and plus- it's just like having a meat centered diet- only with fake meat. Using beans, use lentils, use mushrooms, but for the love of god, if you need to buy fake steak strips, ok, I can't think of anything coherent. Also, I think the book The Heritage of Islam: Women, Religion and Poltiics in West Africa is really dry.
An honest article about race in Newsweek? I'm amazed. I hope that some of this penetrates somebody's consciousness.

Another piece:
Christopher: So I don't understand how they can say that we self-segregate when we go to this institution. You go to your predominantly white class, you live in your predominantly white dorm, and if you have any activities besides BSA [Black Student Alliance] and UP, United in Praise, the gospel choir, then it's an integrated activity and you are the minority. So how are we self-segregating when we choose to have dinner with people who aren't going to say racism is funny? Or if we choose to party with someone who's not going to proposition us and offer us money because we're black girls? That's not self-segregation, that's just taking care of yourself.

Black people are speaking. Are you listening?
How come a bitch don't get a newspaper column instead of Stepin' Tom? Also, Humanity Critic should get a column too- look at this great article on the Duke gang rape incident.
Pam Spaulding talks about the politics of black hair. I have to admit that I chucked the whole 'straight' thing out the wagon sophomore year. I have never actually looked good with straight hair, as a week after my perm, my hair would have a full layer of new growth under it, and of course, it was always dull- and since most people with straight hair have shiny hair- it was simply setting up a visual comparison that I could never win. But hey, it's not like two strand twists are ubiquitous. I really have always liked McKinney's braids in a bun hairstyle, btw. I never get why people insist on having straight hair- yea, cultural pressure, blah blah cakes, but maybe it's because I used to always get scabs in my head from chemical relaxers, that I'm like, don't waste your cash on that shit. About the whole Boortz thing, I have no idea what possessed him to call a Congresswoman a slut or ghetto.

It simply doesn't make any sense. A slut is somebody who is having more or better sex than you, and ghetto girls usually have their hair fried,dyed, and lyed to the side. I guess he is going on stereotypes that black women are always having better sex than ugly pasty ass white men. This guy annoys me because he is the latest in a long line of people getting rich and famous off of stereotyping and hating on black people. They should have it as an official part of our GNP- "The Black Bashing Sector".

So all the conservative pundits, politicians getting fat off of white fears, journalists filming and writing black bashing stories, blacks getting rich off self hate, jails built to house black folks, and places getting fat off white flight would all be counted. There'd be at least a billion dollars in that pot. Maybe they should give that money to us for community building.
Hilarity from Google.