Saturday, April 08, 2006

I mourn for white people: An Open Letter

I'm still shocked that anyone even cares about Cynthia McKinney. White congresspeople are taking bribes. The white vice president is suspected in leaks. But white people don't care, and will vote Republican anyway, or Repub Lite, if they think they are good and liberal, which is a fucking lie, anyway. Keeping blacks in their place is more important to white people than anything else. I'm sad about it, but your problems are yours to heal yourself. No matter how hard we work, only you guys can decide whether to rejoin the rest of humanity.

It hurts me that you guys have given that up. I can't imagine being unable to empathize with others. Our anger comes from hurt, and when you guys can stop hurting, the anger will end. So complain about black people standing up for themselves. Cry and scream when you guys are called on racism. Go on witchhunts against black women who are 'uppity'. It won't improve your lives one bit. What you guys really fear is not us, but yourselves. Of having the treatment you have given to us returned to you.

Of having the treatment you have given to us returned to you. But you can't enjoy what you have taken, every day must be filled with fear or the Other, fear of Others standing up for themselves, fear of the situation being reversed. It's a tragedy,bu6t it's one you inflict on yourself

If you didn't arrange your lives around never hearing that you might be wrong, that others may have been hurt by your behavior and what you have allowed to happen, you could understand. But you don't,and you won't, and I'm sorry that you have chosen this path. Say I hate white people if you want, because you don't understand how it feels to hurt for somebody else.

In other news, white anti racist Rachael S. talks about the lack of empathy whites have for blacks, browns, and pretty much everybody else. The two sides fallacy can't be used here. Most blacks, if they had the power to, would not leave a whole city of white folks to die, and white folks treat us like shit. The lynching photograph she used is from an exhibit of lynching postcards I saw freshman year. The worst part wasn't the violence, it was the fact that the people weren't hiding their faces, and that anyone in fact would send a postcard being like 'yea, I killed some niggers". Yea, I find that sort of behavior shameful, and the behavior of today's whites shameful as well. White people who can't stand the depravity may feel guilt, but at least they are not fucking going 'yea, we're depraved, fuck all y'all".

Oh, yea, and a bit on the soul searing ignorance from well, ok, me: but it is willfully cultivated ignorance. It's not ignorance the way I don't know exactly how a telephone works. It's like if I rearranged my life around never knowing how a telephone works and got mad if anyone alluded to it at all.

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