Friday, April 07, 2006

Today and yesterday's Cat and Girl are funny, but I wonder how many people get the jokes? The Messenger is so good, my soul just healed, but all work today I worried about whether we were creating a caste like system of education in which the black and brown never get science and social studies, and thus can't be doctors or psychologists and totally fucking up our society for years to come. To say, well, they don't care,and thus it doesn't matter it just crap.

It reminds me of the conversation my class had after Freedom Now, and people talked about the obvious sort of well, we didn't say racial stereotyping, but that's what we meant, inherent in totally glossing over how the Europeans had destroyed infrastructure and many Africans were poorly trained, not to mention the fact that a lot of the rebels in the African countries after independence were funded by rich Western countries like the US, and simply saying 'well, India was successful' without anymore background than that. Like simply looking at something without knowing all the facts can be pretty harmful. I like how we discussed that, so maybe we can become the next generation of smart people.

The thing I like and don't like about my college is that you can become a nondouche if you take advantage of the resources available to do so, but it's not like we can make you not be a douche, so many people go through, don't avail themselves of any of the resources and come out as dumb as they started.

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