Monday, April 10, 2006

In which I ruin everybody's fun: Brownfemipower attempted to dialogue across blog space, and be productive. But I'll be mean to poor boy for a bit, since you know, fuck that. Not to say that Brownfemi didn't challenge him, and that I don't respect her for talking to the stupid without cussing him out, but I had some extra comments which wouldn't be helpful to post to her blog.:

The rift between whites and blacks is simply too wide (Grand Canyon wide) to ever be bridged, I think. Since the separation between poor blacks and whites is so complete, there is absolutely no fear by the power structure of pissing off either side, because weÂ’ll attack one-and-other before standing up against the machine.

It's because only blacks are doing anything to bridge that gap, stupid. It drives me nuts how lazy white folks are- make an honest attempt(no, doing something completely half assed and then throwing up your hands doesn't count) for once.
Latinos donÂ’t have the same hang-ups, yet, when it comes to white people. Latinos arenÂ’t as quick to assume people are racist against them, and, Latinos are more likely than blacks to have a conservative political idealogy, putting them squarely in the same corner as the average poor white person from a political standpoint.

Here poor boy attempts the 'at least you're not a n*****" bullshit. Will Latinos be dumb enough to fall for it? Not being a nigger isn't getting healthcare or food for poor whites, so I'm sick and tired of this nonsense- it shows their prioritiies are racial hatred over survival, and that's fucked up. Combined with the 'blacks assume people are racist" crap- what about taking some responsibility for once in a while?

All whites, regardless of place or privilege, are blamed for the actions of a few wealthy and powerful white people and politicians because our Great-grandparents were convinced that the blacks represented a threat. White Americans can not let that happen again, but I fear itÂ’s too late.
You're all blamed because you guys are aiding and abeting the rich white guys. YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Nobody made you hate black folks or vote for Bush or panic about immigrants.

One of the issues he addresses is what you called, something like, the “playing handmaid of violence by poor whites to rich whites”. The fact is, that job has been handled by everyone. There were a great many blacks called to duty in the Indian wars, and blacks played a crucial role in expanding America’s borders to the West. Why? Because they were poor, and the rich white folks offered money, land, and other benefits to those who agreed to do their bidding

Note that yet again he tries to shift responsibility.

point of all of this is that if the races are trully to form alliances to
work on those issues of interest to us all, then members of all races
must stop
allowing themselves to consider the other races as a group and instead
looking at, and giving credit to, the differences that exist within seamingly
homogenous groups. This, of course, is what minorities have asked for
over the
years as well (not all blacks are dope dealers, not all Hispanics are
illegalsÂ…not all whites are the opressor).

He shows his ignorance of privilege. Even the best white person gets privilege, whether they want it or no.

—you can’t just “get over” some things because some things create a distrust within you that is generational—and some times has nothing to do with the group you are trying to work with…it’s just that the abuse you community has been subjected to, you literally don’t have the ability to trust anybody, much less a group that, as you stated, looks much much too much like the ruling upper class

Brownfemi's clue power throughout is strong, but not strong enough to defeat the stupid.

you think about it, that is the extent of most peopleÂ’s education in race
history, whether they are white or not.

White people take the information that they learn in school, and they go
home and ask their parents about slavery/opression/segregation, and their
parents say, “honey, we’re Irish, our people built railroads, they didn’t own
cotton plantations.” Honestly, that’s how it works. So, the white person
spends the rest of their life with the knowledge that what happened
isnÂ’t their
fault, itÂ’s not their parentsÂ’ fault, and it wasnÂ’t any of their ancestorsÂ’

That's becaquse white people don't take responsibility for their own knowledge or anything else. There's a library, use it. (also, he has the internet too)

the goal
be to create a color blind society

No, I'd like us all to actually be equal, and yea, stop insulting my family, which actually works and takes responsibility, while other people whine about how they can't do anything.

think that my goals tend to be based on what I think makes for a
functional nation. I think my kids will grow up in a better country, a more
economically competetive country, if people donÂ’t vote their emotions based on
race (i.e., 87% of blacks supporting one Party while not reaping any benefit
for that outlandishly high support

The Republicans run on hating us
(and it works because whites vote on race based emotion not thier interests). Why should we support them?

7) Whites will have to give something up for the good of race relations, but I
donÂ’t know what, exactly. Sacrifice will be required, though, and many wonÂ’t
like it. This will be the main obstical to any true unity between the races.

Try taking some responsibility and stop hating us.

it is very ironic to me that white folks keep beating up people of color for “not taking responsibility” for rampant crime, violence, poverty of their communities, and yet, white folks refuse to take responsibility as well, for their part in any thing they have done to create the mess.

Brownfemi tries to fight back using clueification.

The accusations are, them selves, racist — they assume
that white people canÂ’t engage in any political activity that isnÂ’t built upon

Our boy demonstrates that he doesn't know what racism means. White folks have the power here, and if Mexicans think that some white guys have shot some people, well, even if it's true, it's not going to reflect on all white people, except to the rest of us less powerful folks,and we aren't making the laws here.

So yea, Brownfemi fought the good fight, but stupid is strong. As my mama say, you can't teach stuck on stupid.

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