Wednesday, April 19, 2006

From steve gillard's blog:
Repeat Offending

It is unknown how many college rapists are repeat offenders. Most college acquaintance rapists go unpunished (in part because reporting is so low), so the number of serial offenses are difficult to determine. However, one study found that 96 college men accounted for 187 rapes, suggesting that further research may establish that serial rapists are a common component of the acquaintance rape problem. Lack of reporting complicates the problem, since it may prevent colleges from identifying and ridding themselves of their most dangerous students.

Rape rant: ARGH, report your rapes, women. If you know a guy has raped somebody, tell everybody. I don't care if she was drunk, if he's your best buddy, if he's in the frat that you depend on for your social life(how can your social life be fun when some asshole is raping your friends!), REPORT IT. Sometimes I think the whole Greek system should be dismantled, although I don't mind black(actually, the Latino/a and Asian ones aren't that bad either) Greeks as much, since even though they have drunken parties,which I'm not saying are utopias and should be very proactive against rape, at least their whole organization isn't based on giving guys oppurtunities to rape, for fuck's sake. If your whole organization is based around matching sexual predators and girls up- yea, that's fucked up. Seriously, do these groups ever do any good in the community at all? And I don't think getting 'community service" points by going to a presentation on balancing your checkbook counts. I saw some event getting glas(stupid bullshit that the white greeks have) for diversity. I guess having a bunch of idiots ruin an event for people who actually care is 'community service'. At least the white frat with the worst reputation got kicked off campus- seriously, if you video tape yourself having sex with a girl and show it to pledges, you're a disgusting human being.

Sororities need to be proactive about rape- frat boys are the main ones raping, and yea, the attitude that she was a slut, and asked for it, and I'm empowered because I got bought a drink, isn't helping. Fraternities need to be proactive with their pledges. They need to tell them what rape is- their reputation is bad enough all ready- and one guy who thinks that if she's passed out he can do whatever he wants can fuck it up for the guys who aren't rapists. If a guy rapes, he should be kicked out, and humilated. If that happened, the rape rate would get real low, real quick. And the sorority girls should back it up as well. None of this "well, you know how she just had sex with a tampon in(yea right) and is a total liar" crap.

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