Friday, April 07, 2006

Even though I've been around whites all my remembered life, their culture still seems foreign. That is very odd. Even foreign blacks don't seem as foreign(by foreign, I mean like immigrants,etc). It's like they have an interesting new culture, but still don't seem to think it's polite to say rude things about my family(which is like 99% black) to my face, so it's cool. Maybe it's the rudeness that seems foreign. I work very hard not to sound like a complete idiot, so I am always shocks when somebody lets loose with some memorable stupidity. Like this one guy called this girl a Chinaman(wtf?) and her roommate was (admirably like) no one can say racist stuff to my roommate but me, and I was like hey, that's not cool. But it seems foreign to say something like that. It's like not funny or cool. And the guy who complained about there not being white entertainment TV in class or the girl who said minority groups were whining in class, you guys are dicks. Even the white teacher and TA think you are dicks, but can't simply jump all over you. I'm not sure why you'd want to be a dick in a public place, that's all.

I am fairly ignorant on many things, but I usually don't talk about them. This is why this blog will never have anything about sports on it. I sound like someone who is a toolbox and a bag full of dicks if I ever open my mouth about sports. I'll be at a basketball game and be like 'what's a shot clock?" "why are they stopping play?". So I never portray myself as knowing shit about basketball. It seems common sense to me.

I'm not saying some people of color aren't coons, but they get more out of it obviously, like some of them are paid, and others simply want to be with the cool (white) kids, but as white people seem ignorant of the racial order at all, what's so bad about staying quiet?

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