Sunday, April 23, 2006

Today was also a wash with only 1/4 a page done, and a paper mostly edited. But in other news, Dirk Deppey is a bit of a Nana fanboy in the comments to this review. I have to say I *like* naive Nana, as to tell the truth, there *are* idiots in this world, and so there are idiots in stories. I like strong woman characters, but save me from a universe where everyone always makes the 'right' choice. Part of the fun is that the character isn't perfect and wonderful and a total Mary Sue. I personally know people with no drive in their lives. They exist. I know people who make the wrong choices. They exist. I identify with the flawed more because the cultural tyranny of the day is that you have to be perfect all the time or you're a terrible person. I swear, there's no slack. It drives me nuts. What makes you a bad person is enjoying hurting others I think.

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