Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pam Spaulding talks about the politics of black hair. I have to admit that I chucked the whole 'straight' thing out the wagon sophomore year. I have never actually looked good with straight hair, as a week after my perm, my hair would have a full layer of new growth under it, and of course, it was always dull- and since most people with straight hair have shiny hair- it was simply setting up a visual comparison that I could never win. But hey, it's not like two strand twists are ubiquitous. I really have always liked McKinney's braids in a bun hairstyle, btw. I never get why people insist on having straight hair- yea, cultural pressure, blah blah cakes, but maybe it's because I used to always get scabs in my head from chemical relaxers, that I'm like, don't waste your cash on that shit. About the whole Boortz thing, I have no idea what possessed him to call a Congresswoman a slut or ghetto.

It simply doesn't make any sense. A slut is somebody who is having more or better sex than you, and ghetto girls usually have their hair fried,dyed, and lyed to the side. I guess he is going on stereotypes that black women are always having better sex than ugly pasty ass white men. This guy annoys me because he is the latest in a long line of people getting rich and famous off of stereotyping and hating on black people. They should have it as an official part of our GNP- "The Black Bashing Sector".

So all the conservative pundits, politicians getting fat off of white fears, journalists filming and writing black bashing stories, blacks getting rich off self hate, jails built to house black folks, and places getting fat off white flight would all be counted. There'd be at least a billion dollars in that pot. Maybe they should give that money to us for community building.

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