Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm divided on The Daily Show's McKinney coverage. The whole BLACK PEOPLE ARE ALL LIARS thing needs to be put down, but what to say? The problem is that you can't even take a joke anymore, because if you do, you end up in class, hearing about 'quotas'(I noted that those were outlawed when I was five) and about why isn't there white entertainment TV(my teacher was like 'that's called TV!"), so don't complain about black people not being able to take a joke, white folks, if you guys weren't too dumb to breathe, we could feel the hilarity. Contact form.

My letter:

I generally enjoy the Daily Show, but the McKinney bashing was uninspired. The whole 'black people are always lying about racism!" card has simply been played too many times. I enjoy when the Colbert Report pokes fun at white people, but white people do not come to class, and have those jokes thrown back at them. It is sad that I can not enjoy the show because of society's stupidity. Next time even if you feel you have to take the 'black people are hysterial liars' tack, do poke fun at the people who totally ignore how she has been ignored several times before or you could poke fun at Neal Boortz who called her a 'ghetto slut'.

Jesse Jackson is stumping for people displaced by Katrina on the Colbert Report.

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