Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My soul was slightly healed by this comic, but I have to admit, I hate poor boy. I've lived around white people my whole life, and so have many other people of color. Really, get it through your heads, folks. Your lies aren't new- we've heard the 'my grandpappy didn't own slaves" the "I am ", the "black people are hysterical liars", the "if only black people didn't vainly believe they were human beings worthy of respect". The fact that you expect us to be ah yup! I totally totally believe you, although you are transparently lying is extremely insulting. Just call us niggers and be through with it, since you're not fooling anybody.

When I hear white people lie like that, I shake with rage. White people will never understand it- but the pain is like in your whole body. It's like you're filled with steam and heat. You can hardly breathe, your head is filled with light. In any other circumstance, you would be screaming and crying hysterically. But you've been silenced. You can't say anything about whites/ By fiat, they are perfect. You must bow down and grovel at their feet.

Fuck that. Since whites love our pain and our tears so much, I'm fighting back. It'
s a silent death everytime I let them silence us. Poor boy of course has attempted to silence me on his blog- he can't stoop to listening to a person of color. A rich white person could be watching.

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