Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I saw Common and it was like the best event in my life ever. I was like ten feet away from Common! A guy just in front of me got to touch Common's hand, and another girl(from Ghana) got to dance on stage with Common and she and Common got to do a dance that probably has been banned in several states as live action porn. It was great. And we had fun yelling and dancing and Common freestyled, and it was all amazing, even with me nearly passing out from leg pain and my worries that my old hallmates would do something ridiculous. I don't know why but whenever I am with them I feel like something outrageous is going to happen. Anyway, it was a great concert, and we got to see some of the performers get into the van like the opening act, whose first name is actually Algebra, and a girl who I think's name was Neil Andrews who sang with Common and nearly got left behind. So it was all good.

PS. Common said about the situation with the stripper, that he thinks the guys did it. Also, he dedicated a song to strippers. On the sexual violence tip, I don't care if she takes pay for sex, you just can't take sex without consent.

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