Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I want to say, no matter how 'fast' that little girl is, grown ass men should know good and well to not touch them. I don't care if she sucked the dick of every little boy in her high school. I don't care if she wears clothes so skanky that the hos on the corner are like 'dude, cover up". I don't care if she wears so much makeup, she looks like she's wearing drag queen makeup. Seriously, how do you not know that the girl is like 12?

I hate the rape promoting mentality that you have to jump right into sex in three seconds. Seriously, if the guy took the time to say, hey, where do you work or where do you go to school, from her answer, he'd know full well how old she was. And if he doesn't care, that's simply molestation. I don't care how girls these days know exactly what they are doing- if you wanted a mature woman, you'd get one. The fact that you're going after a girl who barely knows why she bleeds every month shows your motives are not good. Leave the fast girls to the teen boys.

And the rest of you aren't off the hook- remember, only yes means yes. A girl that is only not saying no because you threatened, coerced, badgered or drugged not no out of them is still being raped. Oh yea, and an unsolicited finger in the vagina- that's sexual assault. (Please read the more cogent blog posts against sexual assault here

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