Saturday, April 08, 2006

Tragedy in California. Also, I think Gillard is right about blacks and Hispanics(American ones) not wanting shitty jobs that pay crap. Like I want to have a high pay, high status job like my white peers. Even being the office gofer is slightly embarrassing to me, because other people are higher status right now(as in doing research, which is totally high status.) Some may say, but dsoesn't this mean black people are lazy? No, it's simply that yea, maybe you'll do shit work, but for 2 bucks an hour? Forget it. Maybe if they made the wage $10 an hour, because you wouldn't be stuck living with your mama(ok, in some places), but thinking that black folks are like "of course, I'd work in a meatpacking plant for $3 bucks an hour" is wishful thinking.

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