Monday, February 16, 2004

What an Uncle Tom(or whatever Puerto Ricans say). If I'm opposed to something, I don't take the money, you know? The Daughters of Norway have a college scholarship program, but noone is complaining. The German American Heritage Society of St. Louis has a sscholarship, too. NO PROTESTS. There's an Irish American Heritage Month! Oh my god! The horror! And there's a POLISH HERITAGE MONTH TOO!!! Of course, there are Polish heritage societies giving out scholarships too. Of course, and another scholarship for those of Polish American heritage. This of course is only a small sample.

You know, before I looked this stuff up, I thought this was just symbolic whining to give themselves something to do, but now I worry it might actually be racism. I mean, there are scholarships and heritage months for whites, but noone ever has a demonstration against those. William Jefferson Clinton himself signed Irish American Heritage month into status, so it's not like the government hasn't been involved. Of course, older wiser people may be like DUH, it's racism! But I'm all like oh, must not seem oversensitive,etc,etc... Man that was dumb of me. I'm sure we have all made similar mistakes in our youth, do forgive me. I think that republicans should censure those who associate with them but try to dredge up race hate. It makes them look like they condone it if they are just like wink nudge nudge. Of course, I'm operating on the assumption that republicans aren't inherently racist. A good way to make people stop thinking that is to suppress the elements that go around trying to scare whites and pit them against blacks. I know, it's easier for corporations to control you if you're trying to fight a scapegoat, but come oooooon.

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