Friday, February 13, 2004

I think it's sad that these guys have to try to prove their self worth by beating up on old men. I know many people can't think for themselves and take the whining to heart, but dudes, don't do it! It's not the Mexicans or any other group who are responsible for your troubles! You have to look beyond scapegoats and find causes. Of course, if you were that smart, you wouldn't be beating up old men.

But the mentality behind these attacks is pretty common. A bunch of people tell you lies about how put upon and discriminated against you are as a white man because big companies use cheap labor that is often coerced under fear of deportation, and you believe it- you don't have any sense of perspective at all- noone tells you about economics, or history, and you have no intellectual curiosity to reach deeper. I wish we all had some intellectual curiosity. Can you see how much better this world would be? So come on, read a non fiction, non rhetoric(both Al Franken and Ann Coulter are rhetoric authors) book deeply and carefully, or read a magazine that is not total fluff on the bathroom seat. Improve your mind!

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