Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Due to sucking, I can't study! So I'll talk about the new death. Back in the day, if you stopped breathing, it was it. And then, it was when your heart stopped pumping. But now, we can bring people back from cardiac arrest many times over, so that death is no longer the real death for us. Now, our death is brain death. I don't think anyone knows what it's like to be brain dead, but I'd think it'd be like a long dreamless sleep. I mean, your brain is dead, you can't think. But, in the future, if we can bring people back from brain death, what will be our death? Someone a long time ago said that the only thing we can truly own is our own deaths. But we can't truly own that- our deaths belong to our families- they can override a do not resuscitate order even, I hear. They decide when to let our bodies go and decompose. I have nothing to say about this due to lack of knowledge. Be sweet to your family, I guess.

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