Monday, February 16, 2004

I think this thing bothers me because it's like they can pretend to be oppressed when it suits them, and then just go back to their white privledged lives once the whining is done. People have died because of our civil rights problems here in America, and to mock them by pretending your whining has any real legitamacy. God, it bothers me. It's like pretending you are blind to get sympathy!

But seriously, there's a tension here. Like blacks aren't supposed to talk about oppression or they are race baiting or some other bad word, but the slight inconvience of having slighlty more black folks than is usual is somehow the end of the world. Not to mention they don't have any real solutions(the people talking class based aren't the people being attention whores or suing)

Unrelated, but I still want to type and not figure out paper topics. Dance improv is a lot of fun although I suck at it. We have a lot of talented improvers who have the musclar strength and flexibilty to do really good things. I really suck, because I'm really clumsy, but it's not that kind of class where you have to be good at it, so that's why I like it.

Also, I finally got my smaller button maker, and it's adorable! I have a lot of custom button orders!

Another unrelated thing here: a humorous entry in the debate over gay marriage.

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