Monday, February 16, 2004

And here's some authentic good news! Gays are getting married as an act of civil disobedience. People who are enduring real oppression, that of people who others are trying to deny the right to a governmental ceremony of commitment that also accords legal benefits, are saying we're taking the right, you don't give it to us. It's kinda like the sit ins of the 60s, except for not as revolutionary. I think it's great that they are bold enough to take their rights! They are not trying to make the straights not get married, they are trying to get married themselves. That's what many people don't understand- they think if one group gets rights another group has to give them up. This is ridiculous! Enlarge the pie, and everyone can get a piece. No use killing each other over the same half a piece of pie. For example, now that blacks have (mostly) civil rights and such, have whites really suffered? I mean, they didn't even have to give up their "I'm white, so I'm better than everyone else' attitude. Sure, some did change, but isn't that called personal growth? I totally don't get the perceived loss of power at all. It's just like if gays marry, the straights can still marry, so what's the big deal? People are all like "they asking for special rights!" I'm like WTF? They want to get married like you, so?

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