Friday, February 20, 2004

Honest does not mean rude. Like if I don't like what my mother is wearing, I don't say "YOU FAT FEEDBAG! WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT YOU'RE WEARING!!!" I say, "hey, I think you look better in X". I'm all hot blooded and fiery, but there's such a thing as tact and diplomacy, but that comes with 'growing up', and we have such a Peter Pan syndrome in America.Noone wants to have to be the adult- everyone wants to live the frivolous bubblegum life of a high schooler forever.

Growing up is hard. We have to delay gratification, we have to try to realize that others have valid feelings too, we have to think about things before we do them, and we have to think of others instead of only 'what's in it for me?" I'm not saying I'm perfect on those counts, but at least I recognize that growing the fuck up actually is a viable path in life. You see so many grownups just whining and bitching nowadays. We have what I call the diaper baby conservatives(not a mature name, but it fits) who think they are oppressed because "Waaaaah, we have to try to make society BETTER for people who are NOT ME! NO FAIR!!!" or "WAAAAAH! College professors have their own opinions instead of just spouting the Bush's party line!" or some other trivial complaining, while saying people with real oppression problems are just hysterical liars. ...I guess I should say, grow the fuck up!

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