Sunday, February 29, 2004

Support people in their desire to marry, and you support families. I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of children living in gay homes, let their parents marry and reap the benefits. I am thinking of something amusing my mother said- my uncle is a preacher so he gets a lot of right wing claptrap, and on one thing, it was like Bush is against gay adoption, and mom was like are they gonna take the kids from the gay folks or something? Of course, she went on to spread some family gossip about who was supposedly gay even though they had kids, but at the time I was too young to really be like 'yea, that relative of mine is gay" but seriously, there are plenty of gay folks running around with babies and we need to be supportative of that. This has been a message that doesn't make any sense. But the Washington Post(may ask for registration) makes sense here: moderation is the key.

Also, the BBC has another fun man on the street discussion on "What is an African Dress Code?" Should it be suits even when it's boiling hot in Africa or should more traditional outfits prevail.

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