Sunday, February 08, 2004

To continue, I think the reason I am so angry is because there will never be any closure or healing like sexual abuse a long time ago. I'm not putting down sexual abuse, it's terrible, but the aspects I am comparing are secrets and shaming. The first comes because of the second. Saying "Oh, it's just fine to abuse you" or trying to find some reason that the person being abused was bad is shaming. It's like sexual abuse back in the day, because folks would be like "Oh, you're fast" "Oh, you're lying" Because others shamed them so much, they had to keep it a secret, and then they went predictably crazy. Of course, it would be too much to advise people to act like decent human beings to others for two minutes, because that's just soooo haaaard. so you reap what you sow, folks.

Also, I've talked about this article before, but there was an article in Bitch about domestic abuser survivors and the attitude that punching a woman in the face because she was slow with dinner is perfectly alright, because the woman must have drove him to such extremes with her horrid behavior. It was in issue number 22, which is currently sold out. Uh...well, it was a good article.

Also, if you know someone with complex PTSD(PTSD caused by a long period of trauma) attempt to get them help. I was reading this, and it seems like that shit would mess you up.

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