Wednesday, February 11, 2004

"Due to a user initiated SPAM message sent to over 1000 users yesterday on LearnLink, we are experiencing a mail backlog. The backlog is caused by users who are REPLYING back to this spam message. PLEASE DO NOT reply to any SPAM messages, EVEN with a request to remove you from the list.

We may have to shut down the server if this thread continues! IF, after this message pops up, users continue to reply, we will remove those users from the server until the problem is cleared up and may report the users for conduct violations.

The LearnLink Administrators"

Learnlink is what my school uses for internal email. Here's the story behind this message. I often get learnlink spam to go to boring parties or lame greek events. I don't like it, but I have to just delete it. But these particular spammers decided not to just email 300 or 400 people as usual, they decided to email near the whole fucking school. Then people started saying put me on the list, and others started saying take me off. But then it escalated! People started sending messages saying reply to sender, damnit! and more and more messages accumulated, then people started saying stop sending messages saying don't reply to sender, and it snowballed til we had this come to pass. The moral of the story is- the whole school doesn't care about your party. Thank you.

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