Wednesday, July 30, 2003

You know what just occurred to me? Pop Psych is like a religion. The real psychologists and the fuzzy brained book writers are high priests. All their pronouncements from on high are heeded whether they make sense or not, and if they do make any sense, it is promptly denatured as to not make sense.

The normals that obey this law are the adherents of this religion. Some of them peacefully obey the laws, writing their little affirmations every day, watching Oprah calmly, and just leading their lives. Others are like the Taliban of positivity. When a normal person has a problem, watch out! If you don't jump to executing whatever command the high ups are commanding, right at this moment, they have a lot of convenient labels for you.

Apparently you are lazy and don't want to be cured if you've already tried happy thoughts and it didn't work. You are just playing games, if you have already tried this or that suggestion. It is always your fault. If you've been emotionally tortured for years, it's because you subconsciously exuded negativity (at 12?). If you are ugly, it's because you have a negative thought pattern.

That's actually why I say it is a religion. All religions have convenient things to say when the miracle didn't occur. You didn't pray hard enough. You didn't believe enough. God said no. Most of the time it is your fault. The guilt trips keep people coming back, convinced that it'll happen this time. Most of the time, it doesn't.

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