Sunday, July 06, 2003

Man, am I glad I don't shop at Abercrombie and Fitch! While not as socially on top of things as I should be, at least I know that outright discrimination is wrong. Some people will try to make up elaborate rationalizations to say that maybe it's just a coincidence or that all these people are just making it up to get money. Some will listen, and keep their mouths shut.

However, I think that's silly. If folks are fucking you over, being silent won't help anything. The people being asses won't see your silence and say "Look at Bob being so compliant with our white is right philosophy! He's our special minority now- to the counter with him!"

That won't happen. Not to mention, just not opposing this philosophy isn't enough to eliminate it. Just ignoring the existence of racial differences isn't going to make bias disappear. Everyone lacks balls nowadays. Oh, we don't want to confront racial differences or the existence of gays-let's just say all the other races are just lying or try to ban gays from ever having equal rights, that'll fix the problem!

No, it won't. We need to collectively stop being pussies and get in there and start kicking ass.

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